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Collaborate with us

A central part of Arcum is to collaborate with actors both within Umeå University, at other universities, and with the adjacent community. We work to find common meeting places and contact areas.

Between us and you

A large part of our duties takes place in collaboration with other organizations and actors that operate within the Arctic context. That regards everything from the creation of research areas and conferences, to project administration, new initiatives, and organizational management.


We also aim to mediate contacts between researchers - and research groups - in our associate network - both with each other, and external actors. Our desire is to be a contributing factor to a dynamic network where researchers find new collaborations and opportunities to learn from each other.

Associated researchers

Some of our current collaborations

Contact us

Anngelica Kristoferqvist
Other position, project assistant
Dieter Müller
Other position, professor
Lena Maria Nilsson
Other position, project coordinator, research coordinator