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Welcome to become an associated researcher to Arctic Centre

If you are a researcher or a PhD student doing Arctic research, you can become an associated researcher to the Arctic Centre at Umeå University.

Arctic researchers at Umeå University

A film showcasing a selection of the many different researchers who are affiliated to the Arctic Centre at Umeå University.

Are you a researcher or a postdoctoral student, doing research in the North? Or are you looking for a network to develop the Arctic dimension of your research? If the answer is yes, we invite you to become associated to Arctic Centre. 

Our goals are amongst others to initiate new research projects, support ongoing research, spread information and contribute to the political and general debate on Arctic issues.

Am I an Arctic researcher?

Many researchers who work on topics relevant to the Arctic do not necessary consider themselves Arctic researchers. You may see the Arctic as a strictly defined ice-covered region, however the Arctic is much broader than that. You are an Arctic researcher if you research topic, location and/or field site is in the Arctic. In Sweden's context, this applies to the regions of Norrbotten and Västerbotten, as well as the Scandic mountains. It also applies to you if your work either directly or indirectly affects the Arctic or the communities that live there.  You are also considered an Arctic researcher if your data has been collected from Arctic, it deals with Arctic affairs, or you work in a research group that operates partially in the Arctic. And of course, you can self-identify yourself as an Arctic researcher! 

What we do for you

Through us you get the opportunity to deepen the Arctic perspectives of your research, through invitations to lunch seminars, workshops, talks and conferences which are organized by the Arctic Centre.

We will also help you keep track of different opportunities for funding, international collaborations and Arctic events which could prove interesting to you. We strive towards synergy and collaborative efforts across disciplines which could lead to new research projects. As an affiliated researcher, you may also apply for strategic funding each term to help you with your research.

Our primary goal is to give you opportunities and strengthen both your research and your visibility as an Arctic researcher.


Use the online form to either apply to become an associated researcher, or update your already existing associate profile:

Arctic Centre membership application

Latest update: 2023-03-23