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Future Forests

Image: Jörgen Wikström

Future Forests is an interdisciplinary platform of expertise for analysis of complex research issues, collaboration and research communication relating to forests. The platform is a collaboration between SLU, Umeå University and Skogsforsk. Future Forests' organisation has an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary way of work with a future perspective, in the area between academia and society.

See the movie about Future Forests' excursion at Svartberget.

Project overview


Project period

2021-01-01 – 2024-12-31

Participating departments and units at Umeå University

Faculty of Arts and HumanitiesFaculty of Social Sciences

Research areas

EcologyHistoryHistory of ideasNatural resource SciencePolitical scienceSociology

Our work is cross-faculty and in collaboration with relevant social actors. Therefore, complex scientific questions can be asked in a variety of ways.

Our main objectives:

  • Through our projects, identify where knowledge is needed and generate scientifically supported decisions on question statements,
  • Through collaboration with relevant social actors, identify and develop new research questions, in order to solve future challenges,
  • Through coordination of the cross-disciplinary research work, develop interdisciplinary work procedures.

Active Researchers

Emelie Aktanius
Adjunct lecturer
Chelsea Elissa Budd
Associate professor
Dimitri Coelho Mollo
Other position, assistant professor
Auvikki de Boon
Postdoctoral fellow
Louise Eriksson
Research fellow
Tim Horstkotte
Staff scientist
Jenny Ingridsdotter
Associate professor
Toms Kokins
Lecturer (on leave)
Evans Korang Adjei
Research fellow, staff scientist
Maxim Vlasov
Associate professor

Past Researchers

Petter Axelsson, Postdoc, SLU
Karin Beland Lindahl, SLU
Mats Berlin, Skogforsk
Kevin Bishop, Guest professor, SLU
Christer Björkman, SLU
Johanna Boberg, SLU
David Ellison
Gustaf Egnell, SLU
Kristina Espmark, SLU
Nils Fahlvik, SLU
Adam Felton, SLU
Niklas Forshell, IIASA
Sabine Fuss, IIASA
Martyn Futter, SLU
Emma Holmström, Program Director, SLU
Hjalmar Laudon, Professor, SLU
Tomas Lundmark, Professor, SLU
Urban Nilsson, Professor, SLU
Johanna Johansson, Postdoc
Artti Juutinen
Georg Kindermann
Maartje J. Klapwijk
Florian Kraxner
Rolf Lidskog
Anders Lundström
Lars Lundqvist
Tomas Lämås
Annika Mossing, Communications Officer
Erland Mårald, Professor
Annika Nordin, Professor
Eva-Maria Nordström
Thomas Ranius
Eva Ring
Lucy Rist
Jean-Michel Roberge
Camilla Sandström
Daniel Sjödin
Johan Sonesson
Jan Stenlid
Kristina Wallertz
Camilla Widmark
Anneli Ågren
Lars Östlund


Janina Priebe
Associate professor


Skogsungdomarnas ledare står bakom ett bord med fika och broschyrer på.
Skogsungdomarna – New Initiative for Young Forest Enthusiasts

Read about Skogsungdomarna – a meeting place for young people interested in forests in Västerbotten.

Exploring Transitions in Japanese and Swedish Forestry

A workshop offered an examination of transitions within Japanese and Swedish forestry at MIRAI 2.0.

Mapping Forest Land in Architectural Research Project

UMArts and Future Forests funds the architectural research project Sweden's Timber Empire.

Insights on "Just" Transition – Hanna Lempinen visits UmU

Hanna Lempinen held two seminars on peat energy during her visit as a Guest Researcher at UmU.

Environmental history perspectives on transformation and sustainability in the Arctic

Arctic Centre Funding – Read about Janina Priebe and her presentation at the Arctic Science Summit Week, 2023.

News from SLU

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