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The FOLKNET database

With information from FOLKNET you can get easy access to Swedish population statistics on a local and regional level during the period 1810-1990.

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Get access to Swedish population statistics in parishes, towns and municipalities.

The FOLKNET database contains information about the entire population in Swedish parishes, towns, and existing municipalities, which was obtained every ten years during the period 1810-1990.

This data was originally collected from Statistics Sweden by the enthusiast Christian Swärd, and some additional information was also taken in from Tabellverket. Mr Svärd left all of the collected data to the Demographic Data Base to digitize.

With the search tool FOLKNET 1810-1990 you can select any geographical area – a single parish or town, or all parishes and towns in the country – for a chosen time. However, this public access database is unfortunately only available in Swedish.

Latest update: 2022-03-14