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Order data from CEDAR databases

At CEDAR, we construct population databases to make data available for research. The longitudinal demographic databases are rich in content and enable research studies from different scientific perspectives. As a researcher, you can order data from our databases.

The POPUM and POPLINK databases contains longitudinal individual level data collected from the detailed Swedish parish registers. The databases TABVERK, FOLKMÄNGD and SUMMARISKA contains aggregated demographic statistics at a national level. You can read more about CEDAR's databases here.

Data retrieval guide

CEDAR's databases are both complex and rich in detail, so we are happy to help you structure your data set. In our guide we describe the steps that characterize the data retrieval process at CEDAR.

Formulate, define and specify

Initially, we want you to formulate the research questions that the data retrieval intends to answer. Next, define the population, the geographical area, and the period. Then we can identify data and specify relevant variables for the retrieval.

Once the specification of the data retrieval has been completed and approved, we will provide an offer of the cost of the data. The price depends on the size and complexity of the data retrieval, and whether it contains multiple generated variables.

Approval and ethical review of POPLINK data

If you are ordering data from the POPLINK database, the data retrieval is initially reviewed and approved by the CEDAR Approval Committee (Tillståndsgruppen). If the retrieval contains sensitive personal data, the project will also be subject to an ethical review and approval by the Swedish Ethical Review Authority (Etikprövningsmyndigheten).

Delivery of data

Once the specification, offer and any ethics application have been approved, the data order is compiled. System developers and analysts at CEDAR work together to compile, quality-check and document the data order before it is delivered to the researcher. Data is usually delivered as semicolon-separated (;) text files, which is easy to import into most statistical software.

The Cost
Each data retrieval is unique and therefore it is difficult to give a fixed price. The price depends on the size and complexity of the data retrieval, and whether the retrieval contains multiple generated variables.
Data retrieval take different amounts of time depending on several factors. Having clearly formulated research questions etc. simplifies the process and facilitates the compilation of the specification and the data order.
Modern registers
It is possible to link data between POPLINK and other registers. In this case, SCB is contacted, and the data will be available on the platform MONA.

Contact our data retrieval coordinator

If you would like to place an order or have any questions about a data retrieval, we welcome you to contact our data retrieval coordinator Maria Wisselgren using the form below.

Contact form

Contact form

Contact our data retrieval coordinator via this form.

The University is a public authority. Messages that you submit here are stored in accordance with Swedish law. Read more at umu.se/en/gdpr about how we process personal data.

Latest update: 2023-01-20