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Databases at CEDAR

CEDAR offers access to high quality databases with both individual level data and population statistics for research.

The parish register databases

The databases POPUM and POPLINK are two of the most informative demographic databases in the world.

The TABVERK database

The TABVERK database contains unique historical material with population statistics from 1749 to 1859.

The FOLKNET database

With the FOLKNET database you get access to population statistics on a local and regional level, 1810-1990.

The SUMFOLK database

The SUMFOLK database contains information on population and migration for the years 1895 - 1930.

The databases at CEDAR provide access to data of different character: 

  • The parish register databases contain longitudinal linked individual level data from the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries for four different areas in Sweden. Data is collected from the detailed Swedish Parish Records.

  • Tabellverket is a database with statistical information from all Swedish parishes for the years 1749-1859. Data is collected from national parish statistics.

  • Databases with statistical information about the Swedish population for certain time periods. Data has been collected by researchers and been donated to and deposited at CEDAR. 
Open data at CEDAR

Here you can select and extract data from different databases.

Latest update: 2022-01-14