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The TABVERK database

The database contains population statistics obtained from Sweden's parishes during the period 1749 to 1859. It is a unique material, from an international perspective, and the earliest recorded population statistics in the world.

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Forms with parish statistics

Tabellverket is the forms with statistics from the parishes that the priests filled in and sent to Tabellkommissionen during the years 1749 to 1859. There are two different types of forms, population and mortality, with large amounts of data that the Demographic Data Base has registered. The results can be found in the TABVERK database, which contains population statistics from almost all of Sweden's parishes and is the earliest kept statistics in the world.

Unique population statistics

The TABVERK database contains all information about the population of the parishes that Swedish priests once registered on the forms and sent to Tabellkommissionen in Stockholm. These are, for example, aggregate statistics concerning births, deaths, marriages and occupational data.
Every five years, the population is reported by sex, age, marital status, occupations and social class. Annual data can be found on fertility, mortality and marriage, and during the 19th century also on migration.

Exploring the data

With the help of the statistics in the TABVERK database, it is possible to study demographic conditions at local and regional level in pre-industrial Sweden. There are different ways to retrieve data from the database for this: either by using one of the search tools SHiPS or the TABVERK on the web or by ordering a data retrieval.

Latest update: 2022-03-14