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TABVERK on the web

With the help of the online search tool, it is possible to search the TABVERK database, which contains unique material with statistics on the population of Sweden's parishes between the years 1749 and 1859.

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With the TABVERK on the web, it is possible to recreate all forms that are available in the database TABVERK. The search is made by geographical area, year and type of form (population form or mortality). 

The various forms contain the following information:

  • The population forms contain, among other things, information about the population by age, sex, marital status, class and occupation.

  • The mortality forms contain information on the distribution of deaths by age, gender, marital status and causes of death, as well as the number of births by legitimacy, multiple births, as well as information on marriages, contracted and dissolved.
The database TABVERK is a DDB property. Therefore, is not allowed to download information from the search tool TABVERK on the web to a database of your own, nor to use the information for commercial purposes.
Latest update: 2022-03-09