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Expert list: War in Ukraine

At Umeå University, there is research and knowledge in several different areas that may be relevant in reporting and monitoring the war in Ukraine. On this page, you will find a list of individual researchers, a brief description and contact details.

Social media and misinformation in crises

Moa Eriksson Krutrök is a postdoctral researcher in sociology. 
Her research focuses on societal crises and the expressions of trauma, grief, and resilience on social media. She is interested in both the textual and visual elements of these discourses, and the affordances of different social media platforms, such as Twitter and TikTok.

+46 (0)90-786 80 13 
Read more about Moa Eriksson Krutrök

Peacebuilding and reconstruction of cultural heritage after war

Dzenan Sahovic is an associate professor in political science
He is responsible for and teaches in the master's programme in crisis management and peacebuilding at Umeå University. In addition, he researches peacebuilding and the reconstruction of cultural heritage after war. He has also researched the Balkan war and its effects, and comes from Bosnia and has his own experiences of war and refugee status.

+46 (0)90-786 57 74 
Read more about Dzenan Sahovic  

International criminal liability

Fanny Holm is an associate professor at the Department of Law.
She researchers in international criminal law with a special focus on crime victims. She can answer questions about international criminal liability surrounding the armed conflict in Ukraine. 

+46 (0)90-786 77 11 
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Warfare with dangerous substances

Per-Erik Johansson is the director of the European CBRNE Center at Umeå University.
He can answer general questions about risks and consequences associated with assassinations and warfare with harmful chemicals, serious infectious agents and radioactive, nuclear and explosive substances.
CBRNE is the international abbreviation for Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and Explosive substances.

+46 (0)90-786 50 19 
More information about Per-Erik Johansson

Viruses as weapons in war

Fredrik Elgh is a professor of virology at Umeå University and chief physician in clinical virology at the University Hospital of Umeå.
Among other things, he is an expert in research and diagnostics regarding dangerous viruses that can pose serious threats and can be used as weapons in war and terrorism. Has worked with both US and Russian infection control authorities and has been responsible for building up virological expertise at the Swedish Institute for Infection Control (now the Public Health Agency of Sweden) and the Swedish Defence Research Agency.

More information about Fredrik Elgh

Krigsföring och politisk historia

Martin Hårdstedt is a professor of history. He is a military historian with knowledge not only of warfare but also political history (particularly in Finland and the Nordic countries).

+46 (0)70-176935 
More information about Martin Hårdstedt


Swedish foreign policy from a historical perspective

Jacob Stridsman is an associate professor in history at the Department of Historical, Philosophical and Religious Studies. He has researched on Swedish foreign policy during the Cold War and is knowledgeable with the history of the Soviet Union and Russia.

+46 (0)90-786 60 94
More information about Jacob Stridsman

Communication strategies and propaganda

Jesper Enbom is an associate professor at the Department of Cultural and Media Studies and researches various media and their role in society. He participates every week in the podcast Mediespanarna which he does together with his colleague Erik Lindenius. In their podcast, the war in Ukraine has been the subject of discussion in recent episodes.

+46 (0)90-786 95 32
More information about Jesper Enbom


Latest update: 2022-03-11