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Avi Allalouf

Avi Allalouf has received his PhD in Psychology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and held a post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. He is the Director of Scoring & Equating at the National Institute for Testing and Evaluation (NITE). He is teaching at the Academic College of Tel-Aviv–Yaffo courses on classical & modern test theory; fairness and bias in testing; personnel selection and the effect of testing on society. His primary areas of research are test translation and adaptation; differential item functioning (DIF); test scoring, score equating and reporting; quality control in testing; procedures for essay scoring; and dissemination of measurement knowledge to the public. Dr. Allalouf have served on the editorial board of the Journal of Educational Measurement, and presently he is serving on the editorial boards of Practical Assessment Research and Evaluation; Frontiers; Psicothema and International Journal of Testing where he has served as coeditor. He is a member of AERA, NCME and ITC, and has served as President of the Israeli Psychometric Association

Latest update: 2023-01-17