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Research at the Department of Culture and Media Studies

Image: Mikael Lundgren

At the Department of Culture and Media Studies research is conducted in many research areas.

Research at the Department of Culture and Media Studies

The department's subject breadth means that research is conducted here in many different areas and not infrequently across subject boundaries. Some examples of research areas are popular culture, literature, art and society, media and society, organizational culture, political communication, museums and cultural heritage, migration, music and society and the digital humanities. Perspectives such as gender, intersectionality, postcoloniality and sustainability permeate several of the research projects.

The research environment at the department of Culture and Media Studies is interdisciplinary and central areas of research are Gender Studies, Popular Literature, Popular Culture, Youth Studies, Journalism, Cultural Heritage and Cultural Policy, Multiculturalism, Music and society, Art and society, Politics as communication and culture, Research about Cultural history, Food Culture, Medical Culture, Organisational Culture, Media Rhetoric, Interpersonal communication, Cultural History of Emotions in Premodernity, Photography, Architecture, Literature and emotions, Lesbian Literature and Dystopic literature.

Postgraduate studies

We warmly welcome anyone who is interested in doing part of their PhD or a Post-doc in any of our research fields. For more information regarding PhD-studies, please contact our Director of Doctorial Studies.

Director of Doctorial Studies

Eric Carlsson
Associate professor

Projects and publications

Research projects

More information about the department's current research projects.


Here will find our most recent publications.

Latest update: 2022-07-19