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Here you will find teachers, researchers, PhD students and administrative staff at the Department of Ecology and Environmental Sciences. Please note that there are two lists - for "employees" and for "affiliated staff".

Affiliated staff

Adriano Bonforti
Aleksey Paltsev
Alexis Sullivan
Baraa Rehamnia
Bror Holmgren
Christer Nilsson

I am an ecologist with broad interests but am mostly focused on streams and their shores.

Citlali Aguirre Salcedo

Doctoral student in Restoration ecology

David Hall
Erik Nyholm
Fredrik Olajos
Helena Wirta
Ingemar Renberg
Isabella Garrioch
Johan Eckdahl
Juan Ignacio Ramirez

I'm a terrestrial ecologist implementing a diverse set of methods to tackle my research interes in consumer-resource interactions.

Lars E Ericson

I am interested in the reciprocal interaction between plants and their natural enemies, parasitic fungi and insect herbivores.

Leif Kullman
Lennart Persson
Maïlys Picard
Mario Rollo
Martin Skerlep
Nicholas John Anderson
Ove Eriksson
Shuntaro Koizumi
Sofia Ninnes
Latest update: 2021-10-21