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Research areas

Northern Sweden Health and Welfare

Northern Sweden is a large geographical area encompassing both the sparsely populated inland and the more populated coast. This region is rich in natural resources and home to the indigenous Sámi people, but also faces challenges concerning population health and health services. We conduct regionally based research on, for example, cardiovascular disease prevention and health promotion across the life course, service provision in rural areas and equity in health and health care. We collaborate closely with Region Västerbotten and other public health institutions, and also make great use of high-quality Swedish registers. With point of departure in this unique context, and together with our collaborating partners, we contribute to improved regional public health and global health research across the world.

Research projects - Northern Sweden Health and Welfare

Health Systems and Policy

It is essential to understand how societies organize themselves in achieving public health goals, and how different actors interact in policy and implementation processes to contribute to improved health outcomes. Health systems worldwide are struggling to respond to the needs of populations and provide universal health coverage. We conduct interdisciplinary research in relation to decision makers, service providers and citizens with the aim of contributing to the strengthening of systems and implementation of interventions. During the past decade, the Department has been involved in projects aiming to strengthen the equity, quality and safety of health systems globally, and also in methodological development for more valid and reliable strategies to evaluate health policies and their implementation.

Research projects - Health Systems and Policy

Emerging Global Health Challenges

The world is becoming increasingly globalized and we are faced with challenges to health which transcend national borders. While migration, climate change and ageing populations are emerging health threats, the negative impacts of poverty and social inequalities still persist. Over the course of the past decades, our Department has been collaborating with multidisciplinary stakeholders around the world to address these major global health challenges. Together we strive to fill knowledge gaps by improving our understanding of the dynamic interaction of demographic changes with social, economic and environmental factors influencing population health. Our endeavor contributes to the implementation of policies and actions needed to create sustainable, resilient and healthy societies globally.

Research projects - Emerging Global Health Challenges

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