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Image: Connor Bleakley

Department of Geography

Within the discipline Geography focus in education and research is on Social and Economic Geography, which means the social science profile of Geography. Social and Economic Geography is also linked to Physical Geography and ecological conditions that affect human activities and society.


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The department has a strong research profile with many distinguished researchers.

About the department

Part of the Faculty of Social Sciences at Umeå University.


The Double-Edged Sword of Globalization
Published: 2024-04-15

A new project will explore the dynamics of workforce integration in Sweden's Arctic tourism sector.

Questioning the Role of Arctification in Regional Development
Published: 2024-04-10

A new thesis critically examines "Arctification" and its ambiguous role in regional development.

Skogsungdomarna – New Initiative for Young Forest Enthusiasts
Published: 2024-01-26

Read about Skogsungdomarna – a meeting place for young people interested in forests in Västerbotten.

First ever climate change stocktake for global tourism for COP-2
Published: 2023-12-11

The first Tourism and Climate Change Stocktake report has been released by the TPCC.

Have we re-imagined nature-based tourism post COVID-19 pandemic?
Published: 2023-10-06

Arctic Centre Funding – Read about Pamela Bachmann-Vargas and her fieldwork in Abisko.