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Department of Geography

Within the discipline Geography focus in education and research is on Social and Economic Geography, which means the social science profile of Geography. Social and Economic Geography is also linked to Physical Geography and ecological conditions that affect human activities and society.

Research at the Department of gegraphy

Labour supply, tourism, regional development, migration and climate adaptation are central research themes.


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Arctic session at the Nordic Geographers Meeting
Published: 12 Oct, 2021

Dorothee Bohn and Doris Carson will host at the 9th Nordic Geographers Meeting in Finland in February

Excellent Young Regional Scientist Award
Published: 11 Nov, 2019

Zoltan Elekes has been awarded the 2019 "Excellent Young Regional Scientist Award".

Geovisualization of Polar Tourism and Climate Change Research
Published: 22 Jun, 2022

Human Geographer Cenk Demiroglu has developed a visual "geobibliography" over spatial research.