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Aina Tollefsen
Amrei Aubrunner

My research focuses on second homes, mobility, and development in sparsely populated areas. 

Andreas Back

Andreas Back is an assistant professor in human geography. His research is about second-home tourism, regional development, public planning and housing.

Andreas Nuottaniemi

I am a postdoctoral researcher at the Departmet of Geography.

Carina Keskitalo

E. Carina H. Keskitalo is Professor of Political Science with a focus on environmental policy (ten books and over 130 peer-reviewed scientific articles/book chapters)

Caroline Rapp

My PhD project focusses on stakeholders’ perspectives on a large-scale increase of fast-growing broadleaves as part of a broadleaf transition in Swedish forests.

Cenk Demiroglu

Cenk is a researcher and lecturer focusing on skiing, tourism, climate change, and geographic information systems.

Charlotta Hedberg

Charlotta Hedberg is Professor in Human geography. Her research focusses on migration in relation to international labour, transnational networks and downshifting.

Diana Morales

PhD in geography, with emphasis on economic and development geographies. 

Dieter Müller

I am Deputy Vice-Chancellor of research and postgraduate education within the social sciences and humanities at Umeå University. I am also Professor of Social and Economic Geography.

Doris Carson

Doris Carson is a human geographer with an interest in the socio-economic development of small communities in sparsely populated areas in the northern inland of Sweden and the Outback of Australia.

Emelie Hane-Weijman

Doing research on labour market changes, labour mobility and regional development and resilience. Hold a postdoc position in geography and affiliated with the Centre for regional science (CERUM).

Emma Landby
Emma Lundholm

I am associate Professor in Human Geography. I am also Head of Department at Department of Geography. My main reserach interrest is interregional migration in Sweden. 

Erika Sandow

Researching the area of population mobility, such as commuting and migration, and teaches courses in spatial planning, GIS and quantitative methods.

Evans Korang Adjei
Fredrik Gärling
Gunnar Malmberg

Professor of Human Geography. Research on migration and population ageing.

Håkan Appelblad

PhD, and senior lecturer in human geography, His research and teaching focus on tourism, regional development and planning, population geography, and GIS.

Karin Nilsson
Karolina Lebek

I am a doctoral researcher working on a dissertation combining theories of migration, place and emotion.

Linda Lundmark

I became PhD in 2006 and associate professor in 2011. I have since worked at the Department of Geography in a number of research projects but also with teaching and pedagogical issues.

Linda Sandberg

I have a PhD in Geography and work as an associate professor. I do research on spaces’ of gendered fear of violence, intersections of race and gender, and planning for safe urban environments.

Louise Eriksson

Louise Eriksson is a docent in psychology and work as a researcher in environmental psychology.

Madeleine Eriksson

Most recent research project is about the housing situation for newly arrived refugees. Teaching classes in planning and qualitative methods

Magnus Strömgren

I am program coordinator for the Master's Programme in Human Geography with specialisation in Geographical Information Systems (GIS).

Marcin Rataj
Marco Eimermann

My research is based on interviews in sparsely populated areas about incoming migrants and lifestyle entrepreneurs’ contributions to rural development.

Maria Podkorytova

My research is devoted to local effects of economic globalization. It is important for me to show that globalization is not unified but rather complex and spatially unequal process.

Moa Hedström
Nils Pettersson

My research focuses on sustainability transitions and regional development with a particular interest in governance processes, organisation and the relationships between public and private actors.

Pamela Bachmann-Vargas

Imaginaries | nature-based tourism | remote peripheries | nature conservation | interdisciplinary research.

Rikard Eriksson

Professor of Economic Geography with special interest in employment, structural change and regional development. Associate head of department (Geography) and co-director at Cerum.

Robert O. Nilsson

Robert O. Nilsson, doctoral student in human geography at the Department of Geography.

Roger Marjavaara

Dr. Roger Marjavaara is associate professor in tourism geography. He is coordinator of the tourism programme. Focus of the research is towards the causes and effect of human mobility.

Sania Dzalbe

I study regional economic resilience from the perspective of human agency. Particularly, my research focuses on peripheral areas of Scandinavia. 

Sarper Neyse

Research Interests: Economic Geography, Regional & Urban Economics, Economic History, Generalised Darwinism

Simon Oja

Deputy Director at the Arctic Centre and research communications officer at the department of geography.

Sofia Eriksson
Sophia Erhard

I am a doctoral student working at the intersection of human geography and gender studies. My research project focuses on informal elder care workers in Sweden.

Tilda Rydgren
Örjan Pettersson

I am currently the director of undergraduate studies at the department of geography. 

Latest update: 2021-11-19