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Research at Department of Geography

A great diversity in terms of theoretical perspectives and methodological approaches characterizes the research at the department. Common to all our research is the interest in the relationships between people, place, and environment, and the connections between political, economic, and social processes and people's living conditions in different places. These are in turn central aspects for being able to plan for a sustainable and inclusive society.

Our research

Our main research strengths are within the areas of population geography, tourism studies, and economic geography, but we also contribute to debates in urban geography and urban planning, climate change adaptation, and developmental geography.

Within population geography, the main focus of our research is on migration processes, both domestic and international.

Within economic geography, we are particularly interested in the way the inter-linkages between firms and other economic actors may foster additional competitiveness, productivity and, ultimately, contribute to economic growth.

Within tourism studies, our research emphasis is on the role of tourism in regional development. Within this context, we provide cutting-edge research on second homes, tourism-related planning and, more generally, on tourism development in sparsely populated regions.

Research themes

Economy, work, and society

This research theme deals with the connections between the economy, society, and politics.

Geographical migration studies

This research theme encompasses research on people's migration patterns.

Tourism geography

This research theme concerns the impact of tourism in Sweden and Northern Europe.

Featured projects

Population studies in the hinterland

Researchers Doris and Dean Carson challenge the traditional view of the hinterland through their research.

Moving out from the city – a study on families’ migration strategies for social sustainable living outside metropolitan areas

Increasingly, families are moving out from metropolitan areas with expectations of a more social sustainable l...

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