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Research subjects

Our department is a dynamic research environment that combines many subjects within the humanities. The departmental researchers are active within archaeology, environmental archaeology, history, history of science and ideas, history and education, philosophy, religious studies and theology, as well as several interdisciplinary fields.

Our research subjects

Archaeology and Environmental Archaeology

Archaeological research in Umeå focuses on prehistoric and historical time in Europe and the Nordic region.


The historical research deals with cultural and political processes as well as social and economic events.

History and Education

The research subject combines perspectives from the fields of educational history and history didactics.

History of Science and Ideas

People's thoughts and ideas have a history that our researchers strive to analyse and understand.

Religious studies

The research strives to increase our understanding of religion as a social and political phenomenon.


Theological research is important today. It can amongst other things help improve dialog between religions.


Philosophy studies questions about the world and our existence, about norms, knowledge, reality, and language.

Latest update: 2018-12-04