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Education at the Department of Law

We offer a legal education that is one of the most modern in Sweden. For us, the student's own learning and development is our top priority.

Our courses will give you competence that will be useful in many different countries. For example courses in European Union law or International law. A course in Swedish law can also be useful in other legal systems, since it will make you look at other legal systems in a different light.

Why choose Department of Law?

  • We offer a modern legal education. For us, the student's own learning and development is our top priority. Our pedagogical model lets our students develop their skills in legal problem solving by practicing on relevant and current problems. We are also not afraid to challenge customs when it comes to law and learning, if we think that it improves the students' learning.
  • Our researchers participate in teaching and make current legal research an integral part of the teaching.
  • We educate students in small groups, which creates an intimate environment where students are given opportunities to express themselves and ask questions.
  • We have no visiting hours. Instead students are free to come by and ask questions.

Law and legal norms influence almost every aspect of society. This makes legal competence highly regarded within both private and public workplaces. Our courses will help you acquire this competence.

A legal education can give you a better overall understanding on how society works, the rules that you as a citizen must abide to, etc. A legal education can also give a better understanding of a specific subject. For example, if you work or plan to work in an international organization, a legal course in this subject can improve your understanding of this area.

Before applying to a course, see UmU:s pages for prospective students. Please note that the application procedure will be different if you are an exchange student than if you are an International student.

Latest update: 2022-11-08