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Doctoral Studies

PhD studies can be undertaken in the following areas: mathematics, mathematical statistics, and computational science. There are currently 19 active PhD students working at our department.

PhD students at the department of Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics are as a general rule employees of the university under a fixed-term contract of 4 years full-time research. Quite often, a moderate amount of teaching can be part of the position in which case the term can be extended to a maximum of 5 years. PhD students at the department are required to take a certain amount of graduate courses, normally corresponding to two years study. During the remaining time the PhD student works under the supervision of his/her thesis advisor(s) on completing a PhD thesis, which would typically consist of 4-5 publishable papers on the subject of study.

Formal requirements and instructions on how to apply are listed in the respective advertisements. For specific information about the scientific content of a position, please contact the principal investigator directly. The listed open positions are generally the only form of funding available.

If you are interested in PhD studies in our department, we recommend that you contact the coordinator of graduate studies, Maryam Sharifzadeh.

Doctoral courses

Our doctoral courses.

Porträttbild av Signe Lundqvist, doktorand på Institutionen för matematik och matematisk statistik
Meet our PhD students

Here you can read interviews with some of the PhD students

General syllabus

More about general syllabus in each research subject.

Our Theses

Licentiate and Doctoral Theses.


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