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Exchange of knowledge and mingling when KBC celebrated 15 years
Published: 2022-11-17

KBC celebrated its 15th anniversary with a scientific conference with many interactive opportunities

Voices from KBC 2022
Published: 2022-11-03

Information flows, the research infrastructures are important and the “we-feeling” is growing stronger at KBC.

Research shows how poliovirus takes over cells from within
Published: 2022-10-12

Researchers can now show how poliovirus takes over and tricks a cell into producing new virus particles.

Superelastic and zigzag-shaped protein structures
Published: 2022-07-21

Umeå University researchers have participated in an international collaboration.

Surprising discovery surrounding an iconic biochemical cycle
Published: 2022-02-01

A recent report challenges the classical view of the Calvin-Benson cycle.

Rising atmospheric CO2 concentrations globally affect photosynthesis of peat-forming mosses
Published: 2022-01-04

Mosses ability to absorb carbon from the atmosphere is highly dependent on water conditions, shows a study.

Research on cells' power plants and mechanisms behind cancer receives funding for five years
Published: 2021-12-02

Paulina Wanrooij named new Wallenberg Academy Fellow and Nasim Sabouri gets another five-years of funding.

MIMS highlights World Antimicrobial Awareness Week 2021
Published: 2021-11-18

Today, World Antimicrobial Awareness Week kicks off and MIMS launches a series of articles.

Biodiversity and bioenergy are topics of the KBC DAYS 2021
Published: 2021-10-21

The KBC DAYS 2021 focus this year on biodiversity and bioenergy.

AI-council of the Medical faculty invites to AI-Day September 10!
Published: 2021-08-30

The AI-council works in order to strengthen the faculty before a future when AI will play a crucial role.

Discovery of nanosized molecules that might inhibit Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases
Published: 2021-07-01

Nanosized molecules of a particular chemical element can inhibit the formation of plaque in brain tissues.

Postdocs in Umeå stick together in Umeå Postdoc Society
Published: 2021-06-21

The aim of the society is to attain an attractive environment for postdocs, both socially and academically.

Risk that the terrestrial carbon sink declines in the future
Published: 2021-04-01

Global warming can be even bigger since capacity of vegetation to absorb carbon dioxide is likely to decline.

Dean, Deputy Dean and one Associate Dean
Published: 2021-02-16

Dean, Deputy Dean and one Associate Dean appointed at the Faculty of Medicine, for the next term of office.

Breakthrough on diarrhea virus opens up for new vaccines
Published: 2021-01-11

Mapping a virus that causes mortal diarrhea can provide opportunity for new ways of treating COVID-19.