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Equal Opportunities

At Umeå University the term equal opportunities is used to label the work towards promoting equal rights, obligations and opportunities for all students and employees. This work is based on the seven discrimination grounds, namely: sex; transgender identity or expression; ethnicity; religion or other belief; disability; sexual orientation; age.

The implementation of the work on equal opportunities at the Department for Political Science is the responsibility of the head of department. This responsibility includes the mapping and analyses of data, as well as making sure that the targets and activities for students and employees have been met. The equal opportunities representatives at the department are Björn Ahlström and Irina Mancheva. They act as the head of department's assets in achieving an active approach on the work with equal opportunities.

Furthermore, it is the responsibility of each and every student and employee at the Department for Political Science to treat all colleagues, teachers and students with respect. It is especially important to emphasize this responsibility at a department where issues such as war, peace, politics, power, democracy, equality, freedom and justice are discussed on a daily basis. It is everyone's obligation to promote a safe place for working and studying, which is free of prejudice. A place where everyone feels equally valued and with equal opportunities for development.

If you are interested in knowing more about how the work with equal opportunities is achieved at the department, please do not hesitate to contact one of the representatives or the head of department.

Equal Opportunities representatives

Björn Ahlström
Associate professor
Irina Mancheva
Assistant professor
Latest update: 2018-12-06