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Sustainability, Labour, and Globalisation

The Climate Crisis endangers the living and working conditions of millions of people across the globe, especially those in the global south. Production processes are the main source of the impact on the planet’s climate.


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Production processes have a direct impact on nature but they also affect it indirectly through the ways in which products are consumed. However, the role of workers and organisations in the efforts to mitigate or adapt to climate change has been neglected in the social sciences as well as in environmental science. Therefore, this research programme aims to investigate the relationship between work and nature in a global perspective. Individual research projects within the programme are set in an international context, including countries of the global south and the global north. For example, we examine initiatives by trade unions and other workers’ organisations across the world that aim to resolve the conflict between the protection of jobs and the environment. Specifically, research analyses efforts by workers and organizations to devise environmental strategies that integrate the needs of workers and the needs of nature. We investigate the ways in which these organisations contribute to the development of civil societies in a variety of countries. Another project studies employees’ living and working conditions in transnational corporations.

Latest update: 2020-10-27