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Finding a place to live

Some might settle for a dormitory with shower in the corridor while others require their own flat with balcony and a fireplace. A top priority for new students in Umeå is how to secure a place to live. In order to proceed with accommodation arrangements, it is important to understand what type of housing is right for you.

Find a home - here are our tips!

1. Live as a student

Accommodation in a student corridor is a great way to get to know other students. You'll have your own room with shower and toilet, but share kitchen with others. Many of the student rooms include a simple set of furnishing; a bed, a desk and a bookshelf. Last but not least, summers are free! Living in a student corridor means you don't have to pay any rent during June and July.

2. Get in the queue line

Whether you want to stay in a dorm room, a student flat or an apartment you should sign up for the Umeå municipality's housing queue. The queue is free of charge and the sooner you sign up the better chance to get the accomodation you're looking for.

3. Contact private landlords

Over half of the new students get their first apartment through one of Umeå's private landlords. Check through the list of private landlords and start calling!

4. Check out Facebook

Join the group "Umeå Studentbostad" on Facebook and get news, tips and housing ads in Umeå.

5. Search everywhere

The Internet is a great place to find things. Scan through everything you can find on housing in Umeå - the Swedish site is a good starting point.

6. Announce your need

Write your own ad and tell others that you are in search of a home. Spread the word in different channels: online, on local billboards and as a newspaper ad.

7. Think beyond

In Umeå, just like in all university cities, the competition for the best accommodation is tough. But you don't have to stay in Umeå to study in Umeå. If you can consider traveling just 20 minutes by train, you have much better chances of getting a home, and at the same time get the best of both urban and rural life.

Film: How to find a nice apartment in Umeå
How to find a nice apartment in Umeå

Master's student Nicolas shares how he found an apartment in Umeå.

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Register and get on the waiting list at the municipal housing agency.

Housing areas
Housing areas

Every neighbourhood in Umeå has its own character, charm and offers a unique experience.