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Master's Programme in Political Science

  • Number of credits 120 Credits

The Master's Programme in Political Science provides in-depth knowledge of essential political science problems, such as political representation, governance, public administration and leadership, at different levels of analysis as well as within several issue areas. The programme provides ample opportunity to develop your competency in social science theory and methods, and offers extensive training in conducting analyses and writing scientific texts.

Admitted to the programme

Here you will find everything you need to know before the programme starts.

While studying

The programme can lead to a 1-year degree (Master of Science, 60 credits) or a 2-year degree (Master of Science, 120 credits). For both options, the first semester is devoted to strengthening your theoretical and methodological competency, starting with a course about theoretical approaches in political science, and continuing with two methods courses that you take together with students from other social science departments.

The second semester consists of two courses that offer different perspectives on political representation and governance, the first focusing on Sweden in the EU, and the second on environmental governance in the Arctic. For a 1-year degree, you write a thesis instead of taking the course on environmental governance. For a 2-year degree, writing a thesis instead of taking the course on environmental governance is optional.

Two additional political science courses are offered during the third semester. One concerns global and regional governance, with a particular focus on multi-level governance, and the other is about leadership in public administration, including its political and administrative functions. During semester three you can choose to study abroad or do an internship, instead of taking one or both of these courses.

During the final semester you will write a master thesis, 30 credits. If you wrote a 15 credit thesis during the second semester, another 15 credit thesis suffices during semester four, which leaves room for an elective course during part of the semester.

Career opportunities

This degree programme prepares you for work with management, planning and analysis. You can work at local, national, or international level, for example at public institutions or at organizations that deal with political issues. Second cycle education is becoming more important, and with genuine comprehension of important societal issues in combination with analytical skills and proficiency in writing you will be attractive to many employers.


Degree of Master of Science, main field of study: Political Science (60 credits).
Degree of Master of Science, main field of study: Political Science (120 credits).

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Programme is given by
Department of Political Science
Contact person for the programme is:
Anna Palmgren Vahlroos