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Student unions and organisations

Student unions, student organisations and nations are an essential aspect of student life at Umeå University. Many students are actively involved so that fellow students have a high quality of education, good working environment, and fun leisure time. Membership is completely voluntary and the experience can be very rewarding.

Student unions

The University Board reaches a decision every third year regarding which student associations can acquire the status of Student Union. It is no longer mandatory to be a member of a Student Union.

The Student Unions at Umeå University have been given the assignment by the university to help students who are experiencing issues during their education or in their work environment. This means that the Student Unions represent and help individual students who in some way are in need of their services. The Student Unions therefore have special Student Ombudsmen who have this as a job.

You can contact your Student Ombudsmen if you have questions about the legal framework at the University, feel that the rules are not followed, or otherwise experience problems in your education or your situation as a student. You can always remain anonymous against the University in your contact with the Student Union. The Student Unions also appoint representatives in all the bodies and meetings at the university that are of relevance for education or the situation as a student.

At Umeå University there are three different Student Unions with different parts of the university as area of operation. Which student you should turn to, depends on your field of study.


Registration (Swedish: Inskrivning) in the student unions takes place at the start of the academic term. Read more at the student unions' websites for further information about registration.

Student organisations

Student associations and clubs

There is a wide variety of student organisations at Umeå University. Several of them can be found in our International student guide under "Practical Information."

In addition, you can search nearly 600 associations in Umeå via the link below.
Search for Associations in Umeå