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Buddy Programme

The Buddy Programme is a multicultural community engaging hundreds of international and domestic students. The programme offers the opportunity to take part in a wide variety of social activities, and to explore Swedish traditions.

The Buddy Programme

What is the Buddy Programme?

The Buddy Programme is a community at Umeå University that introduces international students to Sweden and helps them to settle in Umeå. The programme organises events and gatherings where international and established students can hang out.

Frequently asked questions about the Buddy Programme

How does the Buddy Programme work and how is it organised?

Buddies are students at Umeå University who volunteer to introduce you to the Swedish way of life. As a participant in the Buddy Programme, you will be part of a buddy group that consists of approximately 8-10 buddies and 25-30 international students.

The Buddy Programme involves the possibility to participate in a variety of fun social activities, for example sports, parties and travel, or just having a cup of coffee with your group members.

The Buddy Programme starts at the beginning of the semester and lasts through the semester. The beginning of the semester may be a bit intense with several activities organised by the International Student Coordinator (employee at Umeå University which coordinates the program and it's activities), but it’s the group's commitment that determines how often you get together.

Can I join the Buddy Programme?

As an international student, new to Umeå University, the International Office invites you to participate in our Buddy Programme. You and the other students decide what you would like to do within the framework of the Buddy Programme. To attend the activities arranged within the Buddy Programme you need to enroll.

Why should I join the Buddy Programme?

  • You get to meet new people from other cultures. 
    You have the chance to make friends for life but you also have the chance to learn invaluable knowledge about other cultures.
  • You improve your language skills. 
    You have a chance to deepen your knowledge in other languages!
  • New contacts all over the world. 
    Having contacts abroad can be a help for those who want to study abroad, who want to visit another country or for anyone interested in a career outside of your country. 
  • You get to participate in a variety of fun social activities
    Examples of activities that have been organised are cooking, going to the cinema, having a fika, skiing, berry picking and hikes. 

How do I apply?

Up until the first day of semester it is recommended that you apply for the Buddy Programme by filling out the Buddy Programme application form.

Flll out this form for joining the programme during the autumn 2024 semester.

If you want to apply thereafter you should send an e-mail to us at buddy@umu.se.

Join the Buddy Programme

Join the programme before the semester starts (2 September). Fill out this form for joining the programme autumn 2024.  

If you want to apply thereafter you should send an e-mail to us at buddy@umu.se.


Current student seeking to be a buddy? 

Are you a current student interested in meeting international students and introducing them to Swedish culture? Read more on our webpage Be a buddy

Contact us

Send an e-mail to the international student coordinator: buddy@umu.se.

Visit our Facebook page for the latest news and information about our events: Buddy Programme Facebook Page

Latest update: 2024-05-14