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Buddy programme

Arriving in a new country can be exciting, but can also give rise to difficulties. The Buddy Programme provides a helping hand as you settle down and get to know student life. The International Office at Umeå University organises the Buddy Programme as a service for international students.

Buddy programme

Buddies are students at Umeå University who volunteer to introduce you to the Swedish way of life. As a participant in the Buddy Programme, you will be part of a buddy group that consists of approximately 8-10 buddies and 25-30 international students. The Buddy Programme involves the possibility to participate in a variety of fun social activities, for example sports, parties and travel, or just having a cup of coffee with your group members.

As an international student at Umeå University, the International Office invites you to participate in our Buddy Programme. You and the other students decide what you would like to do within the framework of the Buddy Programme. To attend the activities arranged within the Buddy Programme you need to enroll.

How do I apply?

Up until the first day of term it is recommended that you apply for the Buddy Programme by filling out the Buddy Programme application form.

If you want to apply thereafter you should send an e-mail to


Current student seeking to be a buddy? 

Are you a current student interested in meeting international students and introducing them to Swedish culture? Find out more here.