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Towards a Feminist, Relational, Conception of AI

Time Friday 24 September, 2021 at 12:15 - 14:00
Place Online via Zoom

In this very initial line of research, I propose to construct a critique of AI using arguments from feminist epistemology and from relational philosophies such as Ubuntu, that will challenge the basic individualistic tenets of AI. This will shift the current focus of AI from the rational to the social, essentially questioning how AI is used, who uses and benefits from it, what knowledge it uses, how it relates to power structures, and how AI can be used as a positive force for change and inclusion. This novel, relational stance to AI also addresses collectivist views and the continuous loop between change and decision, recognising that the development and use of AI is not just about the optimisation of performance but, most importantly, to contribute positively to societal and individual wellbeing, aligned with societal values and human rights.

Event type: Seminar
Staff photo Virginia Dignum
Virginia Dignum
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