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Gabriel Torrens is one of the first with the Nobel laureate as a patron
Published: 2022-09-30

The Excellence by Choice Postdoc programme is managed by UCMR and UPSC with Emmanuelle Charpentier as patron.

Networks around Arctic health research gathering on Greenland
Published: 2022-09-23

At the turn of the month, Arctic health researchers are gathering in Nuuk, Greenland.

Sustainable health starts up two new EU projects, IDAlert and BEPREP
Published: 2022-09-16

Research aimed at better understanding of future pandemics.

Inactivated protein complex linked to Parkinson-like symptoms
Published: 2022-08-29

New study shows inactivation of a particular protein complex gives shortage of essential neurotransmitters.

MIMS Spotlight Series: Nóra meets Ionut Sebastian Mihai
Published: 2022-08-22

PhD student Ionut Sebastian Mihai is affiliated with MIMS and Industrial Doctoral School and studies T cells.

A new way to detect infection
Published: 2022-08-10

The detection of physical forces produced by bacterial infection can initiate the immune response.

Knowledge of brain tumour metabolism can improve treatment
Published: 2022-08-02

Metabolites expression varies greatly between subgroups of malignant brain tumors, cancer researchers show.

Large EU project on risk assessment of chemicals starts
Published: 2022-08-02

PARC is a new chemistry research project funded by the EU, with over 200 partners from 28 countries.

15 million SEK to research infrastructure for future challenges
Published: 2022-08-01

Linda Sandblad, appointed Research Infrastructure Fellows by the Foundation for Strategic Research, SSF.

How antibiotic-resistant bacteria gain their ability to adhere
Published: 2022-07-28

Infection researchers show in Nature structure and mechanism of bacterium A. baumannii attaching pilis.

Prognosis of cancer patients improved through significant discovery
Published: 2022-07-18

Umeå researchers have now discovered a new function how cancer cells grow and spread.

Thesis about health insurance for rural elderly in Tanzania
Published: 2022-06-10

Insurance increases utilization of healthcare services but uninsured reported better responsiveness.

Strengthening Europe’s resilience to emerging health threats
Published: 2022-06-07

IDAlert aims to tackle the emergence of zoonotic pathogens by developing early warning systems.

SWEAH open for new PhD student affiliation
Published: 2022-05-24

SWEAH open for new PhD student affiliation. Apply before September 30, 2022!

Surge of interest for the effects of the pandemic on the European Arctic
Published: 2022-05-10

Almost fifty visitors and a professional broadcast of seminar on COVID-19 in the European Arctic.

MIMS Spotlight Series: Nóra meets Lana Jachmann
Published: 2022-04-26

Lana Jachmann joined the Barabara Sixt lab and is now a PhD student. She moved to Umeå from Germany

3D optical imaging of the human pancreas in disease
Published: 2022-04-13

Autofluorescence as a 3D tool provides option for therapies for pancreatic related pathologies,

Increased risk of blood clots persists long after COVID-19
Published: 2022-04-07

Even several months after COVID-19, one is still at an increased risk of blood clot and bleeding.

Become a maker during Curiosum's festive special weekend
Published: 2022-02-28

March 5-6, the whole Curiosum is transformed into a makerspace with a lot of fun activities for all ages.

Experiment with researchers during a festive special weekend at Curiosum
Published: 2022-02-17

19-20 February Curiosum continues to celebrate that the house opens up for visitors with experimental joy.

MIMS Spotlight Series: Nóra meets Milica Milivojevic
Published: 2022-02-16

She is a postdoc in Barbara Sixt Lab and studies interactions between host and pathogen in chlamydia bacteria.

Female sex hormone may protect against death in COVID-19
Published: 2022-02-15

Oestrogen may have protective effect against becoming seriously ill and dying in COVID-19, according to study.

Novel structural mechanism of membrane remodelling
Published: 2022-02-08

A pH-induced structural mechanism of membrane remodelling caused by the protein MakA has been discovered.

Vaccine protection wanes quickly – maintained against severe disease
Published: 2022-02-07

Vaccine protection against COVID-19 wanes in a few months but remains against serious disease and death.

Surprising discovery surrounding an iconic biochemical cycle
Published: 2022-02-01

A recent report challenges the classical view of the Calvin-Benson cycle.

Simpler and reliable ALS diagnosis with blood tests
Published: 2022-01-28

Blood tests may enable more accurate diagnosis of ALS at an earlier stage of the disease, according to study.

Quality of health care requires higher quality in clinical laboratories
Published: 2022-01-11

Laboratory services are key factors in the delivery of quality care, shows a doctoral thesis.

Rising atmospheric CO2 concentrations globally affect photosynthesis of peat-forming mosses
Published: 2022-01-04

Mosses ability to absorb carbon from the atmosphere is highly dependent on water conditions, shows a study.

Curiosum is open during the Christmas break with evening film shows in the dome theatre
Published: 2021-12-17

Do you feel like leaving the quiet corner of your home during the Christmas break and activate your family?

Prostate cancer medicine not a cure for COVID-19
Published: 2021-12-17

A medicine that blocks testosterone does not stop COVID-19, as researchers previously had hoped.

Curiosum participates in Pilgatan's Christmas market
Published: 2021-12-06

On December 11, Curiosum offers glögg, gingerbread cookies, and sells gifts with a scientific touch.

Research on cells' power plants and mechanisms behind cancer receives funding for five years
Published: 2021-12-02

Paulina Wanrooij named new Wallenberg Academy Fellow and Nasim Sabouri gets another five-years of funding.

Experience the dome theater in Curiosum on a festive special weekend!
Published: 2021-11-30

On the second of four special weekends at Curiosum, December 4-5, the dome theater and space is in focus.

MIMS Spotlight-serial: Nóra meets Anna Överby Wernstedt
Published: 2021-11-30

Anna is a group leader at MIMS and researches virology. She is also a underwater rugby player.

Discover digital worlds together with Curiosum!
Published: 2021-11-22

November 20-21, a festive Curiosum is filled with digital creation, robots, gaming and film premiere.

MIMS highlights World Antimicrobial Awareness Week 2021
Published: 2021-11-18

Today, World Antimicrobial Awareness Week kicks off and MIMS launches a series of articles.

Umeå researchers highlight Arctic challenges at COP26
Published: 2021-10-29

On the last of October, the UN Climate Summit COP26 will take place, and the Umeå researcher will be there.

MIMS Spotlight Series: Meet Anne-Marie Fors Connolly
Published: 2021-10-27

 Anne-Marie Fors joined MIMS as a Clinical Research Fellow in 2020 and she is a true cosmopolitan.

Increased risk of dying from infectious diseases for people with serious mental disorders
Published: 2021-10-27

People with psychotic or bipolar disorders run higher risk of death from influenza, pneumonia or sepsis.

Emmanuelle Charpentier mentor for research venture in Umeå
Published: 2021-10-20

Umeå University stimulates cutting-edge research with a new program which has Nobel Prize laureate as mentor.

High effectiveness of mix-and-match COVID-19 vaccines
Published: 2021-10-18

A combination of types of vaccine really gives better protection than if the second dose is a vector vaccine.

New comprehensive ecosystem of qualified AI research
Published: 2021-10-15

New decision from Vice-Chancellor about AI.

Nationwide study shows link between COVID vaccination and reduced household transmission
Published: 2021-10-11

Risk of getting infected or seriously ill in COVID-19 is considerably lower if family members are vaccinated.

Alumna on TIME's top 100 most influential people
Published: 2021-10-08

Adi Utarini is recognized for her fight against Dengue fever.

Can AI fight cancer?
Published: 2021-10-06

That issue, and others, were discussed by researchers at the Faculty of Medicine's AI Day.

Join the AI Hackathon Pitch Event,
Published: 2021-09-28

Life-science and AI researchers will pitch real problems, high-quality data, needs, skills and new ideas.

Umeå University in key role in Lancet Countdown Europe
Published: 2021-09-23

Professor Maria Nilsson has a leading role as chair.

Right light on the mother’s belly may be important to the foetus
Published: 2021-09-20

A possible link between exposure to light during pregnancy and foetal brain development has been discovered.

New method enables 3D microscopy of human organs
Published: 2021-09-12

Specific cell types in human organs can be studied with micrometer precision thanks to a new method.

Antibiotics increase the risk of colon cancer ger ökad risk för cancer i tjocktarmen
Published: 2021-09-01

A clear link between taking antibiotics and increased risk of colon cancer has been found by researchers.