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Biobank Research

The Department of Biobank Research provides services for researchers who want access to regional biobank samples and data.

The Department of Biobank Research (EBF) provides data management for research in approximately 50 sample collections. The samples are handled by Biobanken Norr.

Northern Sweden Health and Disease Study (NSHDS)

The largest projects/cohorts have an umbrella name, NSHDS (Northern Sweden Health and Disease Study) which consists of VIP (Västerbotten Intervention Programme), MA (Mammary Screening Project) and MO (The Northern Sweden MONICA Project).

The largest sample collection, VIP, includes biological sample information regarding height, weight, blood lipids, blood sugar and blood pressure for the samples. The participants also completed a survey about smoking, medication use, eating habits and other lifestyle patterns. VIP includes samples and/or surveys from more than 115,000 people.

For researchers

We offer help with planning, application and archiving.