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The research within the Faculty covers large parts of the field of Medicine, from the tiny details of microbes to disease patterns and risk factors in the entire population.

Medical research in Umeå has a strong tradition within genetics, molecular biology and neurology. There is also expertise here about rare northern Swedish illnesses as well as the difficult to treat more rare illnesses such as ALS.

Successful research is conducted here on diabetes cure and prostate cancer. Global health and Infection biology are strong areas of research, as well as the comprehensive research in ageing. Wallenberg Centre for Molecular Medicine strives to offer infrastructure for world-leading molecular and translational research within life-sciences.

Meet researchers at the Faculty of Medicine

Anders wants to reduce debris and interference in X-rays

Anders Garpebring wants to get sharper and clearer results from images of cancerous tumors, with help of AI.

Oskar Hemmingsson on taking a docentship, teaching and the challenges of the autumn.

Oskar Hemmingsson on taking a docentship, teaching and the challenges of the autumn.

I want to show that their own wings carry

Maria Sandström, who was awarded the rose of the semester last spring, makes the students feel welcome.

Psychiatric drugs may cause adverse cardiac event in young people

ADHD drugs has not been tested in combination with other drugs or in children with different conditions.

Research that strengthens quality of life of older people

Annika Toots have focused on the promotion of health and well-being in older people.

High-intensity interval training helps patients with COPD

Andre Nyberg wants to see if high-intensity exercise improve quality of life for people with lungdisease COPD.



Umeå center for Functional Brain Imaging, UFBI, is an inter-disciplinary research center where imaging techniq...

Biobank Research

Biobank Research provides data management for research in approximately 50 sample collections.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is expanding into many new areas of education and research.


Arcum offers a research environment where collaboration within project management, publications, supervision.