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The research within the Faculty covers large parts of the field of Medicine, from the tiny details of microbes to disease patterns and risk factors in the entire population.

Medical research in Umeå has a strong tradition within genetics, molecular biology and neurology. There is also expertise here about rare northern Swedish illnesses as well as the difficult to treat more rare illnesses such as ALS.

Successful research is conducted here on diabetes cure and prostate cancer. Global health and Infection biology are strong areas of research, as well as the comprehensive research in ageing. Wallenberg Centre for Molecular Medicine strives to offer infrastructure for world-leading molecular and translational research within life-sciences.

Meet researchers at the Faculty of Medicine

Laleh and her team

Magnetic camera as a research tool

Studying the interplay between host cell and pathogen

Barbara Sixt wants to know how human cells can fight pathogenic bacteria.

Wants to get closer to a solution to Parkinson’s disease

Sara af Bjerkén is determined to figure out what role noradrenaline has in this context.

A challenge to find the solution to pancreatic cancer

Pancreatic cancer can resist most existing treatments and the five-year survival rate is low.

What does zero tolerance mean in practice?

How are suspected cases actually handled in the organisation and what conditions are in place to take action?

Strategies for self-management crucial for COPD patients

Several strategies for physical exercise have been studied at Umeå University.



Umeå center for Functional Brain Imaging, UFBI, is an inter-disciplinary research center where imaging techniq...

Biobank Research

Biobank Research provides data management for research in approximately 50 sample collections.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is expanding into many new areas of education and research.

Arctic Centre

Arcum offers a research environment where collaboration within project management, publications, supervision.