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Information for students, faculty and staff regarding COVID-19. (Updated: 15 April 2021)




Streams and rivers emit more carbon dioxide at night than day
Published: 16 Apr, 2021

A study by Gerard Rocher Ros shows that the flux may be greater than previously thought.

Two UPSC postdocs are awarded with an Indian fellowship
Published: 12 Apr, 2021

Vikash Kumar and Jay Prakash Maurya receive the Ramalingaswami Fellowship from the Indian Government.

Metallföroreningar i vattenmiljön påverkar även fåglar på land
Published: 07 Apr, 2021

Johan Lidman shows in his dissertation that metals in water have negative effects on insect-eating birds.

A bacterial toxin that acts as a mediator rather than a killer
Published: 06 Apr, 2021

Umeå researchers have discovered that bacterial toxins can act as modulators of the host immune response.

WASP-HS highlighting person-centered healthcare and AI
Published: 22 Mar, 2021

WASP-HS, led by Umeå Professor Virginia Dignum, is hosting the online conference.

Prestigious prize to Diego Calvanese, Wallenberg Guest Professor
Published: 15 Mar, 2021

Diego Calvansese receives the prestigious AAAI Classic Paper Award 2021, the most influential on AI.

Gradual changes triggered historical shift in marine fauna
Published: 09 Mar, 2021

Not all major faunal transitions are related to abrupt global perturbations that triggered mass extinctions.

The end of the television - Will the digital wall revolutionize our homes?
Published: 03 Mar, 2021

Morteza Abdipour has studied how the digital wall might influence how we arrange our future households.

Adolescent perspectives on artificial intelligence
Published: 02 Mar, 2021

Students from a local school and Umeå researchers contributed to a global study led by UNICEF.

Small-scale X-rays challenge the large electron accelerators
Published: 26 Feb, 2021

Physicist László Veisz, significantly reduces the divergence of laser-driven X-ray radiation