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Students have little opportunity to work with mathematical problems
Published: 20 Jan, 2020

Jonas Jäder has in his thesis studied some of the components that are valuable for students' problem solving.

Plant organ growth is not so different from animals
Published: 16 Jan, 2020

UPSC Researchers demonstrate that death of certain cells in the root facilitate growth of lateral roots

Studies factors that ensure cellular protein production
Published: 16 Jan, 2020

In his thesis, Fu Xu contributes to new knowledge about the factors that modulate tRNA-biogenesis.

AI’s impact on UN sustainable goals
Published: 14 Jan, 2020

AI can help – as well as hinder – sustainable development worldwide.

Exchange students take the train abroad - for sustainable travel
Published: 08 Jan, 2020

To stimulate sustainable travel students get interrail cards to get to their study destinations abroad.

Students explore how AI can help sick children
Published: 20 Dec, 2019

Students explore if artificial intelligence can be a support for sick children.

Diego Calvanese honored as ACM Fellow
Published: 19 Dec, 2019

Diego Calvanese, visiting Professor at the Department of Computing Science, has been named ACM Fellow.

Leading AI researcher to Umeå University
Published: 18 Dec, 2019

Diego Calvanese, Italy, is employed as a Wallenberg visiting Professor at the Department of Computing Science.

Rare animals and plants organize in ghettos to survive
Published: 17 Dec, 2019

The unexpected ecological pattern is the conclusion of a study about biodiversity in competitive environments.

AI Professor hits international reading list
Published: 15 Dec, 2019

AI Professor Virginia Dignum on international book list.