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Umeå researchers in scientific breakthrough for malaria research
Published: 14 Nov, 2019

Research team publishes in Cell seven metabolic pathsways that the malaria parasite to infect the liver.

Hav och klimat – förståelsen bygger på långa mätserier
Published: 08 Nov, 2019

The UN report on oceans and climate is based on long time data series. Umeå University contributes to these.

Umeå Institute of Design takes top spot in Red Dot Ranking
Published: 22 Oct, 2019

For the fourth year in a row, Umeå Institute of Design occupies top position on the Red Dot Design Ranking.

The UN trains weapons inspectors in Umeå
Published: 03 Oct, 2019

The European CBRNE Center hosts leadership course for UN weapons inspectors

Western Siberian rivers and lakes emit greenhouse gases into the atmosphere
Published: 11 Sep, 2019

Thesis shows warmer climate and permafrost thawing increase greenhouse gas emissions from Siberian waters.

New leadership at Umeå School of Architecture
Published: 04 Sep, 2019

Mikael Henningsson, Sara Thor, Michael Gruber and Amalia Katapodis will lead Umeå School of Architecture.

Power-hungry Clouds: How to (Res)train Your Dragon
Published: 03 Sep, 2019

Jakub Krzywda develops models to control cloud power infrastructures consumption and hosted applications.

Plant professor awarded Umeå University Medal of Merit
Published: 01 Mar, 2019

Marianne Sommarin receives Umeå University's Medal of Merit 2019.

Prestigefull medalj till molekylärbiolog vid Umeå universitet
Published: 15 Mar, 2019

Anders Nordström, Department of Molecular Biology, receive the silver medal to Berzelius's memory.

Scientists call for new European regulations for GMO
Published: 25 Jul, 2019

In an open letter scientists call for changed European legislation on genetically modified organisms.