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Virginia Dignum joins the Global Partnership on AI
Published: 25 Oct, 2020

Professor Virginia Dignum new member of global initiative on AI.

Top-listed AI startups in Sweden based on research at Umeå University
Published: 21 Oct, 2020

Algoryx, Infobaleen, Prediktera and Shimmercat are all among the brightest startups within AI in Sweden.

Privacy: an important concept of our time
Published: 15 Oct, 2020

Vu studies the need for only privacy-guarantee and privacy concern analysis in machine learning with big data.

Spin-off Elastisys part of fog computing project
Published: 05 Oct, 2020

Elastisys is part of a project with novel fog computing technologies for smart water management.

Graduate school a future of groundbreaking research in AI
Published: 30 Sep, 2020

Six PhD students from Umeå participated in the first meeting of WASP-HS humanities and social sciences.

What do you do when cloud resources are insufficient?
Published: 29 Sep, 2020

Lars Larsson approaches the cloud resource problem from both cloud providers and customers point of view.

Evolutionary legacy of a keystone tibetan conifer tree
Published: 24 Sep, 2020

The prestigious journal New Phytologist selects the study led by researcher Xiao-Ru Wang as its cover story.

New findings on the water-splitting reaction in photosystem II
Published: 17 Sep, 2020

Casper discusses in his thesis which water molecules that are the active ones and how this reaction proceeds.

AI in higher education funded by EU
Published: 15 Sep, 2020

Researchers funded trustworthy AI project in higher education.

A step towards better understanding of bacterial diseases
Published: 10 Sep, 2020

Chemists together with German researchers have captured and identified bacterial toxin target substrates.