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Molecular Biology

If you are interested to become a PhD student in Molecular Biology a good start is to identify a research group with a project that match your scientific interests . PhD students at our department usually work in one of these groups.

The department has a pronounced international character with many guest researchers and PhD students from other countries. The independent research groups work in modern laboratories with well-equipped common facilities, which create a framework for a creative and highly interactive environment.

The specific research interests of the different groups are interconnected by a common interest in central questions concerning the molecular mechanisms of regulation of cellular processes in both prokaryotes and eukaryotes. The research topics are broad and currently covers infection biology, cell biology, genetics and developmental biology using bacteria, yeast, fruit flies, cell lines and mouse models.

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New thesis

Bacteria manipulates the immune response to spread unnoticed

Dangerous bacterial toxins act as negotiators to create long-term infections, new research shows.

How to maintain gender equality through the sex chromosomes

Marie-Line Faucillion's research can be useful to better understand how sex chromosomes are regulated

Forestry has little impact on the genetic diversity of the spruce

Genetic variation in spruce does not differ significantly between cultivated and old forest in Västerbotten.

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Molecular Biology

Molecular Biology (licentiate)

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