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There are many challenges for future engineers and natural scientists. Global environmental issues, more efficient solar cells, artificial intelligence, technology that ensures clean water availability, smarter drugs, and improving IT systems. With knowledge and skills you can influence the future while creating a career. At our faculty, over 3,000 future technicians, natural scientists, industry designers, pharmaceutists and architects study.

Doctoral studies

Read more about doctoral education in science and technology at Umeå University.

Proximity to research, excellent teaching and a relaxed atmosphere characterize the faculty's education. The world class achievements at our research centers with staff of various nationalities and the connection with industry lead to an interdisciplinary and international approach in all our academic programmes.

We offer 22 Bachelor's programmes, of which one is taught in English, and 13 Master's programmes in English. Our eleven departments offer a possibility to pursue a doctoral degree. Students who do not intend to study a whole programme may easily apply for single courses at all levels.


Application for exchange students
Application for all other international students

Information about late applications

As the process of obtaining a visa may well jeopardise your chances of arriving in time for the course start, we do not recommend that non-EU/EEA residents make late applications.

Articles about education

An ordinary day at the Life Science programme

Hunting for the medicines of tomorrow. Meet the students at the lab.

A day at Umeå School of Architecture

Meet students and teachers at Umeå School of Architecture during an ordinary day.


The Fascination of Plants Day is celebrated at Curiosum
Published: 16 May, 2022

On Saturday, 21st of May,UPSC arranging a day filled with knowledge and interactive activities around plants.

The gut microbiota protects against viral infections by keeping the immune system alert
Published: 11 May, 2022

Researchers from Umeå, Stockholm and Gothenburg universities publish new findings in the journal Immunity.

Reveals technology behind a space instrument built to study Jupiter
Published: 11 May, 2022

The instrument will measure ions and electrons in the Jupiter system aboard a European spacecraft.

MIMS Spotlight Series: Nóra meets Lana Jachmann
Published: 26 Apr, 2022

Lana Jachmann joined the Barabara Sixt lab and is now a PhD student. She moved to Umeå from Germany

Umeå chemist is awarded the Karl Freundenberg Prize
Published: 22 Apr, 2022

André Mateus' Nature article is awarded 10,000 euros, and the ceremony takes place in Heidelberg on 21 May.


Anna-Lena Lindskog
Communications officer