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The Internet Histories Talk

How do one write the history of the Internet? And how can the Internet be used to write our contemporary history? These are questions that the Internet Histories series circle around. During the spring of 2022, Humlab hosts four prominent researchers that will address these questions in various ways: Niels Brügger (Aarhus University), Valérie Schafer (University of Luxembourg), Maria Rikitianskaia (London School of Economics), and Richard Rogers University of Amsterdam)

Today, issues about how researchers should approach the history of the Internet, as well as how the Internet can be used to write our contemporary history, have become increasingly urgent.

The Internet Histories talk series mainly circles around two issues. The first relates to the rich historical material that the rapidly aging web leaves behind, and what this implies in terms of archiving, selection, and loss of cultural heritage. The second issue concerns how knowledge can be extracted from the empirical data that the internet generates, and what methodological skills future historians need to write the history of the internet as well as to study the past on the internet. These and other related issues will be addressed in the Internet Histories talk seminar during the spring of 2022!


Niels Brügger (Aarhus University): Thursday March 10 15:00 CET (Humlab/Zoom)

Valérie Schafer (University of Luxembourg): Wednesday April 21 15:00 CET (Zoom)

Maria Rikitianskaia (London School of Economics): Thursday May 12 15:00 CET (Humlab/Zoom)

Richard Rogers (University of Amsterdam): Thursday June 2 kl. 15:00 CET (Humlab/Zoom)