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The innovation support at Umeå University

Umeå University is a place where ideas grow. Ideas and innovations, which each in their own way solve important problems and contribute to a better world, are born here. Maybe your idea can become a service, or a product, on a market. Or can it be useful in some other way? Our well-developed support system offers guidance and support; to help researchers, students and employees explore options and test what is possible.

Together we empower good ideas. In many cases, the Innovation Office at Umeå University is the first stop on the innovation journey. For the phases that follow, there is Umeå University Holding as well as the three business incubators: each focusing on different sectors. Between us, you find a dynamic, open and supportive culture. Together we create good conditions for progress and development on a local, national and global level.

Business incubators and holding company connected to Umeå University

The Innovation Office is the first stop on the innovation journey. Commercial ideas and startups can get support via Umeå University Holding and the business incubators connected to the University. Read on and learn more about the holding company, the business incubators, how they work and their special areas of expertise.

eXpression Umeå

is an incubator for the cultural and creative sectors. With its dynamic methods, innovative environment, experienced business coaches and extensive network, eXpression helps artists and creators to develop ideas and evolve as entrepreneurs. The incubator has access to digiphysical workshops, labs and studios of the highest international standard in Sliperiet at Umeå Arts Campus,  which is available for prototype development and holding workshops. 

Find out more about eXpression Umeå

Umeå Biotech Incubator, UBI

has been appointed one of Europe’s top 15 life science business incubators. First and foremost, UBI work with research derived project ideas in pharmaceutical development and diagnostics; with the potential to alter and be part of tomorrows health care and disease prevention. At its premises, the incubator has a well-developed infrastructure with laboratories, instrument platforms and business developers with experience from life science, a well-defined working process as well as access to network and financing. UBI is part of Vinnova’s Programme of Excellence.

Find out more about Umeå Biotech Incubator

Uminova Innovation

is one of Sweden’s top business incubators and selected for Vinnova’s Programme of Excellence. Since 2003, the incubator has supported more than 150 companies, with over 600 employees and a combined turnover of nearly SEK 850 million. All the while, Uminova Innovation has helped reinforce and boost Umeå, Västerbotten, and northern Sweden as a strong place for growth and development. The business developers are specialised in helping people with business ideas to test, develop and challenge their business ideas, and in teaching them how to use smart tools that ensure a quicker and more accurate progress.

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Umeå University Holding

is Umeå University’s fully owned company. Its main objective is to support utilisation of knowledge through commercialisation of ideas and research results. The holding company acts to achieve a synchronised and efficient innovation support system for the university’s researchers, students and employees of all faculties. The company runs business incubators through shared ownership and offers financing in the form of earmark funds for verification to researchers and students, as well as pre-seed financing and equity in startups.

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Latest update: 2022-11-11