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List of staff


Ingrid Svensson, Head of Unit

Helena Gradin, Deputy Head of Unit

Exchange programmes, agreements and cooperations

University-wide exchange agreements

Helena Gradin


Jenny Ahlinder Hagberg

Anna Sjöqvist

Linnaeus-Palme, Minor Field Studies and Nordplus/Nordlys

Monika Larsson


Alexandra Lindén

Emma Akgöz


Jenny Ahlinder Hagberg

South Africa Sweden University Forum (SASUF)

Per A. Nilsson, Planning Office

Nordic centre in India and Nordic centre in China

Per A. Nilsson

Scholars at Risk

Ingrid Svensson

Student exchange

Incoming exchange students

Elisabeth Nyström

Helena Löfstrand

Outgoing exchange students under the university-wide agreements

Alexandra Lindén

Helena Löfstrand

Emma Akgöz

Erasmus+ scholarship for students (studies and traineeship)

Anna Sjöqvist

Tuition fees and scholarships for fee-paying students

Ingrid Stoor

Angelica Jonsson

Theo Berggren

Buddy Programme

Andrew Nesbit

International Housing Office

Ejvår Falck

Carina Johansson

Recruitment of international students and international alumni activities

Jessica Bergström Grahn

Petra Käck

Sandra Lundström

Teacher and staff exchange under Erasmus+

Teachers and staff at foreign universities who want do an exchange at Umeå University, should contact the concerned department directly:

List of International Contact Persons