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International Contacts

Applied Physics and Electronics

Sven Rönnbäck

Business Administration (USBE)

Martina Sundqvist

André Gyllenram


Solomon Tesfalidet

Clinical Microbiology

Victoria Heldestad

Clinical Sciences

Karin Brunnegård

Community Medicine and Rehabilitation

Christer Malm

Computing Science

Suna Bensch

Yvonne Löwstedt

Creative Studies/Music (Teacher Education)

Lorentz Edberg

Creative Studies

Magnus Wink

Culture and Media Studies

None at the moment. Contact Karin Ljuslinder

Ecology and Environmental Sciences

Mehdi Cherif


Tove Näsman


Camilla Jonsson

Epidemiology and Global Health

Angelica Johansson

Eva Selin

Food and Nutrition

Agneta Hörnell

Geography and Economic History

Håkan Appelblad

Historical, Philosophical and Religious Studies (History)

Peter Lindström

Historical, Philosophical and Religious Studies (Religion)

Thomas Girmalm


Agnetha Frick

Language Studies

Florence Sisask

Language Studies/English

Van Leavenworth

Language Studies/Finnish

Contact prefect Daniel Andersson

Language Studies/French

Florence Sisask

Language Studies/German

Ingela Valfridssom

Language Studies/Linguistics

Kirk Sullivan

Language Studies/Nordic Languages

Florence Sisask

Language Studies/Sámi

Mikael Vinka

Language Studies/Spanish

Elena Lindholm


Lilliann Danielsson

Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics

Konrad Abramowicz

Medicine Programme


Molecular Biology

Mikael Wikström


Annika Bay

Pia Hedberg

Occupational Therapy

Ann Margreth Ljusbäck


Tomas Lindh

Katarina Wikén Albertsson (Tandhygienistprogrammet)


Jens Zamanian


Anncristine Fjellman-Wiklund

Marlene Sandlund

Plant Physiology

Laszlo Bako

Political Sciences

Rolf Hugoson


Erica Åström

Jenny Feltenmark

Radiation Physics

Jonna Wilen

Science and Mathematics Education

Oleg Popov

Social Work

Cristine Isaksson


Erika Antill

Sports Pedagogy

Camilla Jonsson

Statistics (USBE)

Maria Karlsson

Umeå Academy of Fine Arts

Jeanette Nilsson

Umeå Centre for Gender Studies (UCGS)

Linda Sandberg

Umeå Institute of Design

Demian Horst

Umeå School of Architecture

Sofia Mikaelsson

Umeå University School of Restaurant and Culinary Arts

Björn Norén


Whom to contact at the Faculty Offices

Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Peter Lexelius

Faculty of Medicine

Faculty of Social Sciences

Sara Franke Wikberg

Faculty of Science and Technology

Lennart Johansson

Umeå School of Education

Lars Knutsson