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The library's organisation

The library is organised into seven departments, one unit, library management and library board.


  • Archives and Special Collections
  • Customer Services
  • IT Department
  • Library Office
  • Media
  • Medical Library
  • Scholarly Communication


  • Centre for Educational Development


  • Library Board
  • Library Director
  • Library Management
  • Centre for Educational Development Board

Library Director

Mikael Sjögren
Library director

Library Board

The library is directed by the Library Board, which consists of deans, pro-deans, student representatives, one deputy appointed by the library, and union representatives with the right to make statements and proposals. Each year the Library Board defines the activity plan and annual report, as well as the annual accounts and budget.

Members 1 July 2017 - 30 June 2021:

  • Dieter Müller, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (chair of the board)
  • Mikael Sjögren, Library Director at Umeå University Library
  • Morgan Palmqvist, Library Director at Gothenburg University Library
  • Anna Arnqvist, Associate Dean at the Faculty of Medicine
  • Mikael Elofsson, Dean at the Faculty of Science and Technology
  • Gregory Neely, Vice Dean at the Faculty of Social Sciences
  • Torkel Molin, Vice Dean at the Faculty of Humanities
  • Maria Löfgren, Director of Umeå School of Education
  • Representatives for the student unions


  • Anders Lennver, representative for the union ST
  • Maria Nordgren, representative for the union Saco 


  • Hanna Rantamäki, administrative director at Umeå University Library