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Staff at the library

Here you will find us who work at Umeå University Library.


Agata Scigala
Albin Ångström
Alma Enkvist
Anders Lennver

I mainly work with media acquisition and cataloguing. I'm also the contact person for EDC (European Documentation Centre) at Umeå University.

Anneli Fredriksson

I mainly work with cataloguing of books and handling of legal deposits.

Anneli Åström

I work mostly with media acquisition and cataloguing.

Annica Holmgren
Annika Bindler

I work as an academic writing teacher at the Academic Resource Centre located in the University Library. 

Charlotta Turborn

My departement is Media and i work mostly at the Arts Campus Library. Where I work as a coordinator.

Emma Moström
Filip Eriksson
Fredrik Ragnarsson

I work mostly with our library systems, the library search tool and our electronic resources.

Gunnar Hellenstam
Hanna Olsson

I work mostly with cataloguing and I am also one of the editors and writers of the library web page.

Helena Fousinette
Helene Svensson

I work mostly with media acquisition and cataloguing.

Henri Jonsson
Henrik Andersson

Providing support for reading and writing, handling outgoing interlibrary loans amongst other things.

Jacob Hållberg
Jan Eklöf

I work with support to researchers regarding scholarly publishing. I also work with publication analysis.

Jonas Eriksson
Josefin Rönngren

I am coordinator for the library web editors and I work mostly with the content on our web.

Josefina Mäki

I work mostly with cataloguing.

Kerstin Ånäs

I work mostly with media acquisition and cataloguing.

Linn Lindgren

I work in the team for Publishing and Scholarly Services. I handle publications in DiVA and most things related to theses and nailing. 

Linus Talltjärn
Lisa Berglund

I work with customer service at the Medical Library

Magnus Olsson

I teach and tutor students and researchers in information searching and reference management.

Maja Linder
Malin Josefsson

I work as department head at the Medical Library (MB). This means that I am responsible for the library's service activities, tutorials and teaching.

Malin Nilsson

I work with customer service at the Medical Library, communication and as a web editor for the library´s external website.

Margareta Bonnedahl
Marie Malmi

I work as deputy head of the media departement. At the media departement acquisitions and cataloguing of both electronic and printed resources are main responsibilities.

Milton Fedko
Niklas Åkerlund

I work mainly with the early print and digitization

Ola Boström
Olivia Nilsson
Petra Mörtvik

I work mostly with acquisition of course literature and cataloguing. 

Petra Svanborg

I am  Head of the Media Department at the University Library, and of the Library at Arts Campus.

Rebecca Nikani
Samuel Grönlund
Sasha Weijand
Susanne Hörnquist
Susanne Sjöberg

I work with the library's strategic communication, both internally and externally.

Tilda Weidenberg
Ulf Sandqvist

I am the head of the Archives and Special collections at the University Library. My main research interest is the digital game culture.

Urban Kärrholt
Victoria Rudeklint
Åsa Persson