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Manual: book group study rooms, resource rooms and 3D-printers

How does the library’s booking system for group study rooms, resource rooms and 3D-writers work? Below you will find information about how to book and cancel appointments in the booking system. You can also add and subscribe to your bookings in your own calendar.

Book group rooms, resource rooms and 3D-printers – this is how it works

You can book and cancel group study rooms, resource rooms and 3D-printers through the library’s booking system.


  • Select a date and a start- and end time. If you want, you can filter your choice by place, equipment and number of people.
  • Click on "Reserve". If you are using a mobile phone, click on "Search" and then on the room you would like to book.
  • Sign in with your Umu-id.
  • To add another user, use their Umu-id.
  • Click on "Finish".

Adding another user - how does it work?

If you add another user, that person can confirm your booking but not cancel a reservation. Adding a user does not affect their ability to book another resource on the same day.

Confirm a booking

  • Click on "My bookings" to see and confirm your bookings.
  • You or the person you added must confirm the booking - at the earliest 30 minutes before or 15 minutes after the booking has begun.
  • If you do not confirm the booking, it will automatically disappear 15 minutes after the start of the booking, and the resource becomes available. Half an hour is then deducted from the total amount of hours that you can book that week.

There is no need to confirm the following:

  • Bookings made less than 30 minutes before they are scheduled to start.
  • Bookings made after the start of the booking period.

Cancel a booking

  • Click on "My bookings".
  • Click on "Cancel" for the booking you want to cancel.

Subscribe to your bookings in your calendar

You can subscribe to bookings and connect them to your calendar.

Step 1 – Start with the booking system

  • Click on "My bookings" in the library’s booking system.
  • Log in with your Umu-id.
  • Click on "Link for Subscription".

Remember to specify how long in advance you would like a reminder of your calendar events (bookings).

Step 2 – Settings on your phone or computer


  • A dialog will open "Subscribe to the calendar My bookings".
  • Select "OK".
  •  Wait until your phone states that the subscription has been added and then select "Done".


Android phones may have different procedures for adding subscriptions to calendars. However, you can usually follow these steps:

  • When the calendar opens with the question: do you want to subscribe, answer yes.
  • If nothing happens when you click on the "Link for Subscription", you may need to install the "WebCal-Sync" app that manages calendar links (webcal:// -protocol).

The library does not provide support for this app or for Android phones.

Mac calendar

  • Open the calendar on your Mac.
  • Go to "File", select "New Calendar Subscription".
  • Enter the URL to the calendar and press "Subscribe".
  • Select "iCloud" under "Locations" if you would like to sync the calendar with your Iphone.
  • Select how often you would like to update the calendar under "Auto-refresh" (we suggest every 15 minutes).
  • Press "OK".

Outlook in Office 365

You can only create a subscription from a computer, not from a phone or a tablet.

  • Open Outlook, log in and go to the calendar.
  • In the navigation bar in the Outlook-calendar, click on the down arrow next to "Add Calendar" and select "From Internet".  
  • Enter the URL to the calendar under "Link to the Calendar".
  • Give the calendar a name.
  • Click on "Save".

Google Calendar

You can only create a subscription from a computer, not from a phone or a tablet. 

  • Log in to your Google account and select the calendar.
  • Click on the +-sign next to the heading "Other calendars".
  • Select "Add by URL".
  • Enter the URL to the calendar. You can find it on the "My bookings" page and then click on "Add Calendar".

A subscription via Google Calendar is only updated every 8 hours.

Latest update: 2022-08-11