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Group study rooms and study spaces

The library offers a varied study environment with group study rooms, individual study spaces, quiet reading rooms and computer-based workspaces. You must book the group study rooms in advance. Office bikes, standing-desk mats and other ergonomic tools are available to help you with your studies. You can also take creative breaks at the library with Lego, puzzles and board games. Find the place that suits you best!

Manual: book group study rooms, resource rooms and 3D-printers

Learn how to book, cancel or subscribe to bookings in your own calendar.

Apply for a locker

For advanced research work you may apply for access to a locker.

Information due to the coronavirus

The library is open with regular opening hours and it is possible to request books. Read more:

The library during COVID-19

Library refurbishment

The study environment Learning Space on the second floor in the University Library is closed for renovation. The study areas on the third floor are open. Read more:

Changes in the library facilities

Study at the library

Our libraries offer many different study spaces, created to suit different studies and needs. We offer

  • group study rooms that you can reserve
  • open study spaces
  • quiet study rooms and individual study spots
  • computer labs and computer-based workstations.

Read more about our study environment

Find your study place - maps and accessibility

On our maps you can see where our study spaces are located. Ask the staff at our information desks for suggestions as to where you can study. You can also read more about accessibility at our libraries, for example how to find us and how our premises are laid out.

Maps of our libraries


Office bikes, Pilates balls and standing desks – vary your study environment

In the different study areas, you will find a variety of furniture. Our aim is that you find a place that suits your wants and needs at different times. Some examples of furniture in our study areas are

  • arm chairs and sofas
  • sacco sacks
  • pilates balls
  • office bikes
  • standing desks
  • height adjustable desks
  • traditional study spaces for group- and individual studies.

We also provide ergonomic tools, such as book holders, standing mats and balance boards.

Screens, ear defenders and other equipment

The study spaces are equipped with

  • mobile whiteboards
  • mobile computer screens
  • dockable screens for laptops
  • headphones
  • ear defenders.

Take a creative break in our Idea Box

The Idea Box is a room with Lego, puzzles, board games and refrigerator poetry located at the University Library. It encourages you to relax or to take a creative break from your studies. Creative activities may also pop-up temporarily. You are welcome to contribute suggestions for crafts or games that you would like to see in the Idea box.

Contact the library

Food and talking - guidelines

For the most part, talking is permitted in the library. You are allowed to have your mobile phone on silent mode or to have a discreet phone conversation. However, in the designated quiet reading rooms you must turn off your phone. You are not allowed to talk there - it is a quiet reading area.

Snacks, fruit, candy and beverages are allowed in most areas of the library but cooked food is prohibited. In the stacks of the University Library and in the reading area of the archive collections, no food or drink is allowed.

Read our complete visiting rules

Book a group study room

You can book group study rooms at the University Library, Medical Library and at Universum. The group study rooms are intended for working in groups (at least two people). You can book the group study rooms via the library’s booking system.

Book a group study room

Manual: book group study rooms, resource rooms and 3D-printers

Frequently asked questions

Who can book a group study room?

As a student or as an employee at the University, you can book a group study room. Use your Umu-id to book a room.

If you are an employee at Region Västerbotten and do not have a Umu-id, contact the Medical Library to book a group study room.

Contact the library

How long can I reserve a group study room?

You can book a group room for a maximum of 3 hours a day and up to 3 weeks in advance.

When are the group study rooms open?

The group study rooms at the University Library and the Medical Library may be booked during the library opening hours.

The group study rooms at Universum are available Monday-Friday 08 am - 10 pm without an access card. During other hours the rooms are available with your Umu card. The premises are closed on Friday and Saturday nights.

How are the group study rooms equipped and what is the maximum occupancy?

All group rooms are equipped with whiteboards.

The size of the rooms differs slightly. Some of the rooms have extra equipment, such as large screens that you can connect your laptop to.

There is detailed information about the equipment and the maximum occupancy of each room in the booking system.

Is there equipment for video conference calls in any of the group rooms?

Group room 12 at the University Library has equipment for video conference calls. You can reserve the room via the booking system. An instruction manual for the equipment is located in the room.

Are there adjusted group rooms with extra support for reading and writing?

The library’s resource rooms are intended for students who need extra support with reading and writing or a calm environment.

There are three resource rooms at the University Library, one of which is a group study room. 

Support for reading and writing

Locker – store literature for a set period

If you are doing research or writing an essay at the advanced level or at the bachelor level, you may use the lockers at the University Library. You can book a locker for a set period in order to keep books or other material you may need for your essay or research safe.

Apply for a locker

Suggestions or questions about the study environment?

We would like to know what you think about the library’s study environment. If you have any suggestions about how it can be improved or if you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us.

Contact the library

Library tour video

Welcome to the library

Join us for a tour and see what the library can offer you as a new student. Subtitles available in English.