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Suggestions, interlibrary loans and photocopies

The library can order material that you need in your studies or research if the material is not available in our collections. Here you find more information about this and the order form for suggestions, interlibrary loans and photocopies.

Our first priority is to acquire requested literature that is not held by the library. If the requested literature is not acquired and is not available in another library in Umeå (for example Umeå Public Library or The SLU Library) we can order it as an interlibrary loan. An interlibrary loan is material that is on loan from another library.

If you need an article from a journal that we do not have access to it is possible to order a photocopy.

Use our order form for suggestions, interlibrary loans and photocopies and fill in as much information as possible about the requested material.


FAQ about interlibrary loans

How is the material delivered?

When the requested interlibrary loan or purchase is ready for pick up at the library you will be notified by e-mail.

Photocopies are sent with the internal mail to university employees and employees at Västerbotten County Council. Other patrons' article copies are sent to their home address.

What does it cost?

Suggestions and interlibrary loans

Ordering a book is free of charge, provided that we either can acquire it or borrow it from a library in the Nordic countries.

Interlibrary loans from outside the Nordic countries is charged 250 SEK each. We will always contact you before making an interlibrary loan attached with a cost.


For university employees and employees at Västerbotten County Council, the department/clinic is charged.

Other patrons' invoices are sent to their home address.

See price list for photocopies below.

What are the rules for interlibrary loans?

As a patron you may request material on interlibrary loan for research and studies.

Material that is held by the library but checked out cannot be borrowed through interlibrary loan.

The loan period is determined by the lending library. Contact the library if you have questions about extending the loan period.

The lending library decides if the book only may be used in the library.

The lending library also decides if they send us the material as a loan or if they send copies. Most Swedish and Nordic libraries will not lend their periodicals.

If an interlibrary loan is not returned after being recalled, your borrowing privileges will be suspended until the book is returned. If the book is not returned, you will be required to pay for the item.


Can I order archive material or audiovisual material?

If you are interested in archival material or video or sound cassettes from Audiovisual Material at the National Library of Sweden, please contact Archives and Special Collections. 

Archives and Special Collections

Phone: +46 90 - 786 65 71

Visiting address:
Umeå University Library

Postal address:
Umeå University Library
Archives and Special Collections
901 74 Umeå

Price list - interlibrary loans

Interlibrary loans books

  • From libraries in Sweden and the Nordic countries: Free
  • From libraries outside of the Nordic Countries: 250 SEK/volume


Price list - photocopies

One article equals 1-40 pages. For more than 40 pages you will be charged an additional cost equalling the price of a new article.

Copies from the library's own material

  • Local patrons*: 80 SEK
  • Other patrons (companies, libraries in the Nordic countries): 150 SEK
  • Libraries outside the Nordic countries: 2 IFLA vouchers

Copies from other Swedish and Nordic libraries

Local patrons*: 80 SEK
Other patrons (companies): 150 SEK

Copies from libraries outside the Nordic countries

Local patrons*: 150 SEK
Other patrons (companies): 250 SEK

*Umeå University, Västerbotten County Council, private persons, non-profit organizations, ideella organisationer