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Loan and visiting rules

Find loan rules, visiting rules and information regarding liability to pay compensation for materials which are damaged, lost or not returned.

Loan rules, visiting rules and other information

1. Loan terms - general

Umeå University Library, UmUB (University Library, Medical Library and Arts Campus Library) represents key resources designed to meet the need for qualified information provision for university students, teachers, researchers and other employees, as well as staff at Västerbotten County Council. The collections are open to the public.

These loan rules apply for all lending agreements at UmUB. Such binding lending agreements come about through the use of library cards linked to UmUB.

These loan rules may be subject to change and such changes apply from the date specified in the amendment. For the current version, see the UmUB website.

2. Library card

A library card can be issued to an applicant who has turned 18 years of age. An exception to the age limit is made for students and employees at Umeå University who have not yet turned 18.

For borrowers affiliated with Umeå University, the Umu card functions as a library card. The general public can apply for a library card using the library's online form. After the application the library card is obtained by personally visiting one of the libraries and presenting a valid photo ID or passport.

Borrowers affiliated with Umeå University are required to receive notifications and claims via the e-mail address linked to the Umu card. Other borrowers are required to provide a postal address and receive notifications and claims in this manner. If the borrower provides an e-mail address, this is used as the primary channel of communication.

Library card and PIN are personal and shall be viewed as documents of value. They should be kept in a secure place and not be made available to anyone else. For Umu card users, a lost library card must be reported directly as per the Umu card rules. For the general public, a lost library card must be reported directly to the library so it can be deactivated. The borrower is liable for all loans on the card up until the library has been informed of the loss.

3. Local loans

The library’s search tool indicates the loan period and location along with other information. The return date is determined when the loan takes place. The loan period can usually be extended if the material is not requested by another borrower.

Borrowing for reading outside of the library or loans to a department are not permitted for the following:

  • Manuscripts, archive records, printed music and vinyl records
  • Printed material published before 1920
  • Material from special collections
  • Uncatalogued printed material
  • Maps and related pictures
  • Literature from reference and bibliography collections
  • Microfilm and microfische
  • Journals
  • Newspapers
  • Material obtained through interlibrary loans where the lending library does not allow loans for home reading

Material specified for in-library use can generally be made available in a reading room or according to other routines established by UmUB.

The number of loans to one specific person can be limited through a decision by the supervisor in charge.

4. Interlibrary loans

If material cannot be found at UmUB or another public library within Umeå Municipality, it can be borrowed from another library through an interlibrary loan (ILL). Interlibrary loan orders are made via the UmUB online form intended for this purpose.

The library always considers the purchase of requested material. The library decides what material can be borrowed from another library.

Interlibrary loans from libraries within the Nordic countries are free while loans from other countries require a fee. Copies of journal articles or the like always involve an additional fee. Current prices are available on the page Suggestions, interlibrary loans and article copies.

A library card or a Swedish ID must be presented when borrowing through ILL or pickup of ILL for in-house use.

The rules of the lending library/archive apply to interlibrary loans.

Interlibrary loans from the library’s collections are allowed to both Swedish and foreign libraries. In addition to the exceptions under 3.2, the following shall be considered:

Textbooks can only be loaned to libraries and local study centres in the counties of Norrbotten, Västerbotten, Västernorrland and Jämtland, and to libraries whose borrowers are distance students at Umeå University.
Literature printed before 1920 can be loaned to Nordic libraries as reading room material.

Fiction in Swedish is not loaned to Swedish libraries.

The library decides what material can be loaned to another library.

5. Obligations of the borrower

The borrower agrees to comply with the UmUB loan rules applicable at the time. The borrower undertakes to keep informed of the current rules.

The borrower is obliged to observe the duration of the loan period. The borrower is responsible for their loan until the borrowed material is both returned and registered as returned. When returning a loan, the borrower is entitled to ask for a receipt. Such a receipt should be presented in the event of a dispute.

The borrower is required to return borrowed material no later than the specified due date. Loans can be reclaimed before the loan period has expired if there are special reasons for doing so.

The borrower agrees to properly care for borrowed material and to return it in undamaged condition.

Borrowers from the general public are obliged to report any change of address to the library. This also applies to a change of e-mail address.

6. Claims and liability to pay compensation

Borrowers who do not return recalled loans will be liable to pay compensation and will be suspended until the loan is settled and/or the invoice has been paid. If the claim relates to course literature, the suspension will remain in place for six weeks after the material has been returned.

If material borrowed through an interlibrary loan has not been returned in time and a fine is imposed by the lending library, the borrower is billed for this cost.

In the event of damage to or loss of borrowed material, the borrower is liable to pay compensation.

When borrowing material, the borrower must check the condition of said material. The library must make note of any damage if so requested by the borrower.

If damaged material has to be repaired or replaced, the borrower is liable to pay the costs of repair, or if the library so deems it, a new acquisition. The library determines the value of damaged or lost material. Notes and underlining on material are counted as damage.

All book treatment and repairs are arranged by the library.

If compensation is required, a flat-rate fee is payable to cover the library's expenses for replacing the loss. Multi-volume works that cannot be purchased in separate parts must be replaced in their entirety. This also applies to loss of material that constitutes a supplement to printed work, such as CDs. If an invoice has been sent prior to material being returned, an administrative fee per book/item is payable. See Fees.

Even if the borrower has paid compensation for damaged or lost material, the material still belongs to the library.

7. Violation of loan rules

Anyone who violates the loan rules may have their loan privileges at UmUB suspended by the supervisor in charge. Those who are dissatisfied with a decision taken on the basis of these loan rules are entitled to have the matter examined by the Library Director.

8. Copies and print-outs

Copying and printing of library material may only be done for private use and for educational purposes. In the latter case, special rules apply, see Bonus Copyright Access.

In all copying, the applicable copyright laws must be taken into account (SFS 1960:729).

9. Use of Umeå University Library’s computers

The library's computers are part of the Umeå University computer network and all use of such is subject to the Rules for IT resources at Umeå University.

10. Secrecy provisions

Library operations are subject to secrecy under Chapter 40, Section 3 of the Public Access to Information and Secrecy Act (2009:400) regarding register information on a private person’s loan, booking or other form of order.

Library operations may involve the processing of personal data that is subject to the Personal Data Act (SFS 1998:204).

11. Behaviour at Umeå University Library

The purpose of the visiting rules is to ensure the best possible working environment for all. The visiting rules apply to Umeå University Library.

As a visitor, you agree to follow the Library staff's instructions and directions, the library's information signs and the following rules:

  • In the library, group work, computer work and conversations are allowed at a normal volume level. However, in certain areas, special rules apply. Adhere to the instructions posted in these areas.
  • In the library, phones must set on silent. Discreet phone calls are allowed. In the quiet reading room, phones must always be turned off. Avoid talking on the phone when you are in a queue at any of the information desks or talking to the staff.
  • Books and journals are to be treated with care. Material that you have used but not borrowed shall be returned to its place or to the special shelves or carts available for this purpose.
  • Furniture, other fixtures and equipment should be treated with care.
  • Cooked food may not be brought into the library. However, it is permitted to bring simple refreshments like fruit, candy and beverages. Rubbish should be disposed of in the designated containers. In the stacks of the University Library and in the monitored reading room of the Archives and Special Collections, it is not permitted to bring in any kind of food or drink.
  • Roller skates, skateboards etc. are not allowed in the library.
  • E-cigarettes are not allowed in the library premises.
  • In all other respects, the university's rules of conduct apply.
  • For booking and use of the library's bookable resources, specific rules apply.

What happens if the library rules are broken?

Violation of the library rules and disruption of the activities in the library premises, may cause suspension from the library in accordance with chapter 10, section 1, point 3 and chapter 10, section 2 of the Higher Education Ordinance (1993:100).

Visiting and loan rules established by the Library Director on 6 October 2021.

Charges for lost, damaged or unreturned materials

You are obliged to compensate any lost or damaged material. If the material can be repaired, you must pay the cost of the repair. Underlining and notes count as damage.

If you receive an invoice before returning overdue books or other material, you will have to pay an administrative fee for each overdue loan.

From the collections of Umeå University Library

Swedish material under 100 pages: SEK 400*

Swedish material over 100 pages: SEK 850*

Foreign material: SEK 1600*

* Flat rate including labour cost and VAT. If the actual book price exceeds the flat rate, the higher cost applies.

Interlibrary loan materials

As stated on invoice received from the lending library.

Administrative fee

SEK 300 per book or material.

Latest update: 2023-08-25