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Information for students, faculty and staff regarding COVID-19. (Updated: 26 February 2021)



For students and employees, the Umu card functions as a library card. The general public are also welcome to acquire a library card, as long as the applicant has reached 18 years of age.

Umu card
Umu card

For access to the premises, copying and for borrowing at the University Library.

Library card for the general public
Library card for the general public

To obtain a library card you must have turned 18 years.

Loan rules
Loan rules

Loan rules, visiting rules and fees.

Information due to the coronavirus

The library has limited opening hours and you can no longer study in the library. Read more:

Information about the library during COVID-19

Information about loans

Borrow a book

Books are borrowed via our self-service machines. Use your Umu card/library card, Umu id or social security number. The four-digit PIN must always be entered. 

Borrowing is free of charge and there are no limits regarding the amount of books that can be borrowed at the same time.

Loan periods

  • Loan period for textbooks: 14 days
  • Loan period for regular books: 30 days

The loan period for interlibrary loans is generally one year but can be cut short if the lending library needs the book back for any reason. 

More information about interlibrary loans

Renew loans

Books with no hold requests will automatically be renewed 2 days before the due date. If a book needs returning, an e-mail will be sent, but the borrower is still always responsible for returning books on time. The loans can also be renewed the library search tool:

My account

Interlibrary loans can not be renewed in the library search tool. Contact the library for questions regarding extension of a loan.

Request a book that is out on loan

If a book is checked out it is possible to make a request in the library search tool. When a copy of the book is available, a text message and an e-mail will be sent. Please pick up the book within three days!

Return books

If a book needs returning, an e-mail will be sent, but the borrower is still always responsible for returning books on time.

Return books at our libraries

Books can be returned in our return units in the University Library (UB), in the return shelf at the Medical Library (MB) or via the self-service machine at UB Arts Campus. A receipt is issued on return.

When the libraries are closed books can be returned in book drops located at

  • the Social Sciences Building entrance facing the Humanities Building (outdoors)
  • the Medical Library entrance or by the Betula Lecture Hall (indoors)
  • the UB Arts Campus entrance (indoors).

The indoors book drops are only available when the buildings in which the libraries are located are open.

Return books by mail

Books can be returned by mail to the University Library, Medical Library and UB Arts Campus. The borrower is responsible for the loan until the book has arrived to the library and the loan is registered as returned.

Addresses to the libraries

Borrow books as a distance student

Students who live outside Umeå municipality do not need an Umu card to borrow books. The books needed for studies can be ordered through the nearest local library, this is called an interlibrary loan. An interlibrary loan is borrowed and returned at the local library.

To be able to borrow text books by intralibrary loan it is important to make it clear in contact with the local library that the loan is needed for distance studies at Umeå University. Loan period for text books is 14 days.

Interlibrary loans can't be issued for students living in Umeå municipality.

If a book is delayed, lost or damaged

Delayed books

A borrower who doesn't return a book on the due date will be blocked from loan until the book has been returned. For text books the block will remain for six weeks from the date that the book was returned. Loans for other books that are already borrowed can still be prolonged.

If the borrower receive an invoice before the return of the delayed book there will be an administrative charge for each delayed book.

Lost or damaged books

The borrower is obliged to compensate for lost or damaged books. If it is possible to mend the book the borrower will have to pay the cost for the repair. Never try to repair a damaged book with tape or glue! The library bindery will perform all repairs.

Underlinings and notes count as damages.

Loan rules