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Published: 2022-03-17

New premises for the University Library on the Arts Campus

NEWS The relocation of the University Library at the Arts Campus will create four times more space. Larger spaces, group study rooms, resource rooms and additional rest rooms are some of the features that will soon be a reality for the University Library.

A redevelopment of the Arts Campus is now in the starting blocks. Since HumlabX moved, the space on level 0 has been empty. A study has been carried out in which the working group has identified the activities and functions that would best benefit the Arts Campus. It is now clear that the University Library on the Arts Campus will be relocated and expand its activities in the empty space left by HumlabX. The move means that the library will increase from 98 sqm to 440 sqm and will now be able to accommodate more functions as requested.

- It feels great to have this opportunity to take over the premises. It opens up for greater collaboration between the activities on the Arts Campus. Students will also be able to make greater use of the library through group study rooms and a number of study spaces. A plus is also that ITS will be here and there are also opportunities for other activities, such as the student unions, says Charlotta Turborn, librarian at the University Library.

The new library will include flexible spaces for lectures, bookable group rooms, a magazine room, study areas and space for relaxed reading.

Starting in March, tendering for the construction project will begin and the project is expected to be completed by the end of 2022.