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Published: 2012-03-09

1.8 million for self-portrait project

NEWS Bildmuseet, Umeå University, is one of the parties in "Contemporary Self-Portraits", an international art educational project that has obtained close to 1.8 million from EU's cultural foundation.

In the two-year project, art institutions from Sweden, Finland, Ireland, Estonia and Latvia collaborates to develop education methods for self-portraits, targeted at specific audiences.

The project focuses on individuals, local communities and European regions ways to express their identities through self-portraits. Artists and art educators in the five countries will be working with specific audiences, such as occupational groups, age groups or other selected groups. The idea is partly that every individual should be seen and heard through her or his self-portrait, and partly to examine the local and regional identities through the self-portraits. The results will be presented in exhibitions in different countries, publications in printed and digital form and in an international and publicly final seminar at Bildmuseet in 2014.

The project is led by the Turku Arts Academy (Finland), and apart from Bildmuseet (Sweden), also involves the National Academy of Arts and Design (Ireland), Estonian Academy of Arts (Estonia) and the International Summer School of Photography (Latvia). The parties have defined different target groups for their workshops, and will take on the project objectives based on their different activities. Artists, art educators, art students and teachers from the participating countries.

Contact information

Sofia Johansson, curator
+46 90-786 93 53

Editor: Helena Vejbrink