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The extraocular muscles may provide possible key to defensive mechanisms against ALS
Published: 2023-06-19

A unique type of eye muscle fibers is resistant against ALS, and can compensate for other muscle fibers.

Perspectives – a new forum for research and public debate
Published: 2023-06-16

A new conference and event series at Umeå University.

Conifer needles consume oxygen when times are hard
Published: 2023-06-14

Conifer needles consume oxygen in early spring by using an ancient mechanism

New clues in the fight against TBE
Published: 2023-06-14

A Swedish variant of the TBE virus causes unusually severe disease in experiments on mice, thesis shows.

Two Calls for Micro Project Funding at TAIGA
Published: 2023-06-14

TAIGA invites researchers at Umeå University to apply for funding for micro-projects

AI effective in diagnosis of head and neck cancer
Published: 2023-06-12

Studies indicate that an AI-supported method is effective in the diagnosis of cancer in the head and neck

Jet streams in Mars' magnetosheath fascinate researchers
Published: 2023-06-09

New discovery using data from NASA's MAVEN spacecraft.

Project has reduced CO2 emissions from Swedish lime kilns
Published: 2023-06-08

By introducing biofuels instead of fossil fuels in lime kilns carbon dioxide emissions have decreased.

A step closer towards cheap hydrogen
Published: 2023-06-08

New method prevents expensive precious metals from breaking down in the process when hydrogen gas is made.

Save the date: TAIGA days 11-13 October
Published: 2023-06-07

Centre for Transdisciplinary AI (TAIGA) invites researchers to our yearly event 11-13 October.

Thesis about how a mosquito-borne virus hijacks human cells
Published: 2023-06-07

A thesis reveals new insight about how the chikungunya virus builds "factories" when taking over cells.

Three prioritised research areas appointed
Published: 2023-06-07

Umeå University is investing just over SEK 50 million on three prioritised research areas.

Jennie Ekbeck at Umeå Biotech Incubator receives an honorary doctoratec
Published: 2023-06-07

The Honorary Doctor of the Year 2023 has been appointed at the Faculty of Science and Technology.

Neutrons provide unique insight into programmed cell death
Published: 2023-06-05

Neutron reflectometry gives new understanding of how a protein that removes damaged cells in the body works.

What if...the polar ice melts a little faster?
Published: 2023-06-03

Speculative fiction can inspire initiative and action on existing climate challenges.

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