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Published: 2022-03-18

Arcum welcomes new Director

NEWS Keith Larson has extensive experience working with Arctic issues and is this week welcomed to Arcum as the Centre's new Director.

Text: Anngelica

The Arctic Centre at Umeå University, Arcum, offers a research environment where collaboration within project management, publications, supervision, international networks, seminars and strategic planning. With a substantial number of associated researchers at Umeå University the Centre assembles a strong research environment with national proficiency in extensive research areas and has strategically developed a concept which provides a transdisciplinary response to present and future demands of research-based knowledge for a sustainable development in the north.

we will focus on support and excellence for transdisciplinary research and educating the next generation of Arctic scientists

Keith Larson, who was born in the USA, has spent almost a decade coordinating research and educational activities for Umeå University at the Abisko Scientific Research Station. He is the Project Coordinator for the Climate Impacts Research Centre which aims to develop, facilitate and coordinate research and education on climate impacts in Arctic ecosystems.

Keith tells us that over the nine years he has been in Abisko, he has had the opportunity to witness firsthand the dramatic impacts of global heating on Artic ecosystems and the communities that make their livelihoods there. He has also developed a strong motivation to increase the impact of research through interdisciplinary collaborations and working with societal stakeholders.

As the Director of Arcum I look forward to working with the diverse group of Arctic researchers to strengthen the thriving research and education environment at Umeå University."

"We will focus on support and excellence for transdisciplinary research and educating the next generation of Arctic scientists. I especially look forward to help build our new Arctic Graduate School.

Arcum will also strengthen our collaborations with the university’s Várdduo Centre for Sámi Research recognizing the importance of research and education in Sápmi.

"Importantly, through collaborations with the stakeholders and policy makers Arcum will increase the connectivity between our research and society to support the conditions for sustainability in the Arctic. This is especially crucial at a time when there are massive opportunities for green industrialization is taking place in the north of Sweden and challenges for the communities where it is taking place", says Keith.

Keith will split his time between Arcum and CIRC, Umeå and Abisko.

All of us at Arcum welcomes Keith!