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Published: 2022-08-15

Award to Umeå doctoral student for outstanding research presentation

NEWS Jenny Bergström, doctoral student at the Department of Language Studies, has received an award for best presentation held at a research school preceding a global writing conference. The prize is awarded for outstanding research presentation and shall encourage and motivate continued research efforts in writing.

Text: Sandra Lundström

– I am very honored and flattered to receive this award. I would like to thank all my participants for giving me the opportunity to be present during their daily school activities. Without their generous participation and commitment, this research would not be possible, says Jenny Bergström. 

In June, the Department of Language Studies hosted the global research conference Sig Writing, which brought together 300 participants from all over the world. Preceding the conference, a research school was held with 30 doctoral students from different countries on the theme Integrating multiple perspectives on writing. During the research school, Sig awards a prize – the BESST Award – to promising researchers at the beginning of their academic career. The price is a sum of 400 euros. The presentation that led to Jenny Bergström being named the winner was about language ideologies and power structures linked to teaching writing in English at Language Introduction.

In her presentation, Jenny described the teaching of writing in relation to the goals and criteria set by the National Board of Education for the subject of English. In addition, students' voices regarding writing, and the school situation at Language Introduction, were made visible.

The Swedish National Agency for Education specify good knowledge of English as a prerequisite for being an active citizen in areas such as politics, economics and education.

– In our writing-based society, students without sufficient skills in writing risk being shut out of the areas outlined by the Swedish National Agency for Education, says Jenny Bergström.

The presentation highlighted the importance of equal education for everyone in the Swedish school.

Jenny Bergström is a PhD student in pedagogical work. Her thesis is about English teaching for new arrivals in Sweden


Jenny Bergström
Doctoral student