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Published: 2024-06-24

Become a mentor for one of USBE’s students

NEWS We are now opening up the opportunity for you who are alumni to become a mentor for students at any of our educations. The question of mentorship is directed at former students at the USBE who are currently active in working life. The program will be launched in fall, and intensive work is currently underway to attract mentors who are then matched with students. Do you want to become one of our mentors and share your experiences and knowledge?

The aim of USBE Mentor is to offer students opportunities to reflect on their own preparedness for working life through mentoring and exchange of experiences with alumni. The program starts in October 2024 and runs until February 2025. The meetings can be conducted analogue or digital and to the extent agreed upon by mentee and mentor. To support the conversations, a supportive document has been developed to facilitate the commitment as a mentor.

– The aim of the supportive materials is to make it easier for our mentors by providing them with a plan for both structure and suggestions for conversation topics and questions that can be used in meetings with our students in economics, statistics and business administration. It goes without saying that each mentee and mentor is free to choose whether and how they want to use the material, says Annakarin Nyberg, university lecturer and project manager for Mentor School of Economics.

Developing the program is a strategic decision made at USBE and the program builds on previous experiences from a pilot initiative.

– The pilot, which has been running for some time, has really shown the importance of mentoring for students. Among other things, students who participated say that they feel more calm about the future and professional life, and that they encourage all students to get a mentor with education and university as a common denominator. The desire to share their knowledge and experience is strong among former students and we are happy about that. Our alumni are, just like our students, very valuable to us, says Rickard Lindberg, Career Center USBE.

Offering a mentorship program is an important step in broadening and deepening collaboration with the surrounding community. It is not only valuable for students at USBE it is also an opportunity for more established and active professionals to meet new perspectives from those who will soon be entering the labor market.

– We hope that many will now take the chance to register their interest in becoming a mentor for one of our students. Meeting new perspectives, in this case, students' view of life, expectations of working life, employee and leadership is extremely exciting, challenging and rewarding. Right now we are creating a pool of alumni who are interested in mentorship, then we match them with students who want to participate in the program, says Annakarin Nyberg.

Those of you who wish to register your interest in becoming part of the venture are welcome to fill in a registration of interest or contact:

Annakarin Nyberg, project manager USBE
Rickard Lindberg, career center at USBE